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Actress Ellen Page goes home page

November 6, 2009 - 27 Comments

Academy Award nominee Ellen Page (from Juno, Whip It, and of course X-Men: The Last Stand) adorns our home page today, which links to a really cute video of her interacting with her home town doctor via Cisco TelePresence.

Ellen Page on home page


P.S. Once you watch the first video, there are a couple of other charming videos there featuring Ellen returning to her home town in Canada.

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  1. Ellen Paige is adorable and beautiful. But who does the voice over at the end? At first I thought it was MS Paige, but others have named Bahvna Toor, with no reference, an Indian actress listed as one of the "Mysterious Beauties" in the Indian short film, "Time And The Hour Run". But none of these have a speaking role so identification is impossible. Thanks, Kit

  2. Just logged on to find out who Ellen is.Still do not know.

  3. Boy, this is a tough crowd.My wife and I love the ads and we love Ellen Page. She was wonderful in Juno and now she's starring in Inception with Leo DiCaprio. She's talented and sweet and low-key. She's the opposite of vapid, hollowed-out, drugged-up Hollywood types like Lindsay Lohan. These ads are home runs for Cisco.

  4. I may be the only voice who thinks these ellen"" commercials are an insult to intelligence and terribly boring. I would love to see more of the wonderful, innovative developments that Cisco can take credit for and NO MORE of this empty headed lost child, who can't even take her hands out of her coat pockets. A real wardrobe no no. Wardrobe should sew her pockets shut. For the life of me I cannot understand why a company that excels in cutting edge technology hires an actress who always looks totally dumb, confused, lost, and can't speak more than a few words at a time.I am in awe of Cisco and its accomplishments but totally turned off by Ellen's role in these commercials. What was Cisco thinking?Respectfully, Mary Marsicano"

  5. I am also big fan of Ellen. He is very talented actress. And he looks very smart person. Ellen movie is really more interesting to see. i like it very much of David movie. Thanks for all sharing info"

  6. Why Lunenburg? Since Ms Page isnt really from there. I can guess, but am curious about the real reason. My wife and I were destined to get married there. While on vacation far from our Baltimore home, we were headed to find a JOP in Cape Cod on 9/11/2001. Obviously, that was not to be. We waited a year and took our vacation in LaHave, NS. We tried again on 9/10/2002 in another nearby town but that JOP wasn't around. So, we took our license the next day, 9/11/2002, to the Lunenburg City Hall where we were married with our marvelous Black Labrador Moses serving as best man/maid of honor. How surprised were we 8 years later to see that same City Hall in that beautiful little town in your ad? Moses has recently passed on, no doubt chasing seagulls on that giant beach in the sky, but we've had 8 great years together and look forward to returning to Lunenburg again soon. Til then we'll view your ads as travelogs from our trip. Just wanted to share some memories and say thanks for keeping them fresh.

  7. I think the ads are terrific.However, in the field trip spot, I was surprised to see that it is a bright, sunny day in both Luneburg and China at the same time.

  8. I like these ads, but they have an odd subtext like an old Twilight Zone episode - technology and Big Brother encroaching into the sanctity of small town life. You have a place that is unlikely to have any serious crime, but there are security cameras on the streets being actively monitored by the police. Your school, your doctor, the whole town is not just a community but part of The Network,"" where everyone can see and be seen at any time. Fascinating, promising, but also spooky in a way."

  9. This is a very effective ad series for the right psychographic. I actually leave it on the screen rather than change the channel when the China"" spot comes on. I confess I didn't know who Ellen Page is, but thought she added the right touch of youth, intelligence and subtle humor.Good choice of voiceover talent, too. Well done, Cisco!"

  10. Why does the girl leap to her feet and flail her arms as she speaks? Why do all the children - even the Chinese children - scream in unison? Is this an ad for Ritalin? And what's with the ridiculous antique school desks? Oh, I get it. The old"" technology versus the ""new"". All in all, a very annoying ad."

  11. Sure, these are ads, so you have to suspend belief. However, it seems utterly unrealistic that Ellen's hometown doctor would have state-of-the-art video conferencing, given that essential medical technology, like CT scan machines, is severely rationed in Canada, and given the tight controls on doctors' incomes there.

  12. In both the doctor and the classroom skits, there is the matter of time zones - which has not been addressed. Those Chinese kids would be sound asleep when the school in Lunenburg was having class.

  13. I've seen the ads but have no idea who Ellen Page is. I'm also a teacher and think that the China Field Trip"" has no educational value."

  14. I love these ads. Yes, I know who Ellen Page is. Yes, I am familiar with the products that Cisco makes. I run my own business and in that regard, I am in charge of marketing, finance, IT, and customer service. These ads are great for a number of reasons.1: Ellen is a very talented actress. She seems like a low-key type of person to begin with, but her humor and humanity really do shine through.2: Cisco does a great job showing people the possibilities of technology. On a global scale and in the new global market they will have to appeal to an ever broader range of potential consumers. This ad proves they can.3: Most of the people that will react to this ad will do one of several things, Google Cisco"" or ""Ellen Page"", ask their IT person what Cisco does and if it's right for them, or walk away. Most of the people that make decisions to buy enterprise technology are highly dependent on their IT staff to make recommendations anyway.So for some people who hated the commercials because they weren't real, get over it. It's a commercial, it's 30 seconds of fantasy designed to get you to do something else."

  15. Wow, someone doesn't like the ads. I personally enjoyed them quite a bit and as someone who has been contemplating setting up a home network, they gave me some food for thought. But I have to say I probably would not have comment if Kevin (K) had not been so adamantly opposed the ads.So...1) I know who Ellen Page is. Better than I know Cisco, so the ads have done what they were intended to do, attract someone who is not terribly familiar with the brand to learn more about their solutions. 2) I work as a virtual assistant and am in fact planning out a series of mini vacations over the next few months. I've been working on a solution for taking my work with me so I can visit with my family in multiple cities for longer without having to worry about actually taking too many days off. I can conceivably spend a month away from my home office without exhausting all of my time off, and still have weekends and evenings to spend with family and friends. Bonus, if something happens and I want to extend my vacation, I can without work being a major issue. So, I fully understand the Dr's situation. Add to that, this would be an ideal way to show some of my family members, with slightly less technical knowledge than I, how to do things in real time, and I'm interested in seeing how Cisco can help me set this up. 3) The school skit. Really? Let's talk pros of a set up like this for kids. It allows them to speak to and see people from across the globe. Introduces them to new languages, allows them to expand their horizons. AND it keeps them interested in learning. Wouldn't you be eager to go to school if you knew that was the place where you could talk to your friend in China, Germany, Africa, etc? And what do you eventually talk to these friends about? Your similarities AND your differences, and when you talk to friends about things you remember them and they become more interesting. The metric system, traditions, culture, sports, the alphabet as compared to kanji, mac n cheese vs odango, etc. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.4) The example of only ellen seeing something wrong, well why would any of the rest of them get excited about HER car being ticketed. In fact wouldn't that create the revenue that pays their salaries. So, that example is invalid. But I do agree about gov't spending money on new systems when they aren't willing to spend the money to be properly supported or to get properly trained on. However, that was just one ad an intro to the system if you will, perhaps follow ups would give those in doubt a clearer picture of the Lunenburg Cisco network. IN case they are unable to use their imagination for the rest.I'm done for now. The only thing left to say, is Good Job Cisco & Mr Hardee. Looking forward to more.

  16. Silly ad. Trivial use of technology.It says that this stuff isn't very useful for real communication, and it isn't.

  17. I'm sorry, but I watch that ad to see the Border Collie. Border Collies are always checking things out, making sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing. Hey, that's actually a good dog representative for CISCO, come to think of it.

  18. Best part of the ads are Ellen's aside"" muttering... such as when told the doc is in Copenhagen ""Sheesh, that's far"" or when told that the class is 'going' to China she mutters that when she was a kid, their field trip was to a farm.That adds a nice touch.Plus, well, she is gorgeous, too :-)"

  19. I think this ad campaign is great. I watch it every time it is on. It's interesting and fun. It breaks through the clutter and delivers a simple message - Cisco stuff can transform an organization.

  20. Geez people, its a TV AD. You guys are taking way to seriously. Perhaps the school didn't spend all that money for a CISCO setup, but the town could have and the video conferencing is just part of the network. Its also not in America, but there are smallish towns that DO have advance public networks that are pretty good. And compared to Parts of Europe and Korea - North America is way way behind.The ads are cute and not to be taken seriously. You remember the jungle, the cute girl with the odd situations. (The Doctor AD cuts out a bit too fast). Also, her car wasn't be broken into (How observant of you) - she's getting a PARKING ticket. She looks cute going from 0 to 20 out the door :) She looks better in these ads, than in Juno, a very good actress - hope her career the best.Remember folks, the I'm A Mac and PC guys... are not actually computers.

  21. This ad campaign is very weak. In one ad, we're asked to believe that a doctor goes to Copenhagen on vacation, then sits, waiting at the Cisco system, despite the time difference, in case anyone of interest visits his office back home. How realistic is that? In another, a municipal office spent a great deal of money on a Cisco system but doesn't know how to use it; the woman monitoring the system says everything is okay, and only Ellen sees that something is wrong. This is why cities are going bankrupt -- spending money foolishly, for equipment they don't need or can't operate. In yet another ad, a school -- despite the budget problems experienced by most schools these days -- wastes money on a Cisco system so the students can hook up with students in another part of the world (again, despite the time differences). And most of us have no idea who Ellen Page"" is. She seems to be another ""Ann Page"" or ""Betty Crocker"" but without the air of authority and credibility that those experienced homemakers appeared to have had when they served as corporate figureheads. Pull this dumb ad series and develop something that recognizes current realities rather than some silly fantasy world where doctors sit around waiting for a celebrity visit half-way around the world or where people are encouraged to spend money foolishly for some extravagant, unnecessary item they won't know how to use."

  22. These ads are ridiculous. First, we have a metropolitan police department that wastes money installing a Cisco system it doesn't seem to know how to use; the woman monitoring the system says everything is fine, and only Ellen seems to notice that her car is being broken into. Then, we have a doctor who goes overseas but wastes time there waiting for anyone who might visit his office back home, so he can speak with them via a Cisco system; who would have confidence in a doctor like this -- or in the doctor's decision to waste a lot of money buying a system for such a silly purpose? Or we have a school board that wastes a lot of money installing a system that would have limited usage at a time when most school boards cannot afford to keep on its full teaching staff or continue its sports, music and arts programs. Would anyone trust the endorsement of a school board that wastes money on frivolous items when neglecting the basic needs? Also, many viewers have no idea who Ellen Page is; some people thought she might be the daughter"" of ""Ann Page,"" one of the A&P's brands, akin to ""Betty Crocker."" So Cisco wasted money hiring Ms. Page.In short, this ad campaign suggests that only incompetent people who have questionable judgment and an inability to spend money wisely are likely to buy this product."

  23. Actually, she has roots in Lockeport, Shelburne County.

  24. Mr Martin Hardee want to know why cisco took her in the add....she is a gud actress...liked her in the movie juno""is she the next brand ambassador or somethin like that..."

  25. A cute ad campaign, except Ellen isn't from Lunenburg. She was born and raised in Halifax. She has roots in Shelburne too, but Lunenburg is halfway in between the two. I guess they chose it for the ad because it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and just like Ellen, Lunenburg is small and cute.

  26. Thanks, Dominik. I guess I thought Ellen page *should* have won an Oscar (and for Whip It and X3, too)! I've made that correction.P.S. I really like your site

  27. Dear Mr. Hardee,Ellen was only"" nominated for an Academy Award and didn't win back in 2008. :-)Regards~Dominik KeppnerWebmaster - Ellen Page Online"