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50 Ways to Leave Your Browser

March 5, 2010 - 12 Comments

I have to say that the world’s webmasters owe YouTube a debt of gratitude for their recent campaign to encourage web surfers to upgrade away from Internet Explorer v6 and up to a more modern browser.

Here’s one cute alert you see if you visit YouTube using that IE6 browser…

YouTube’s message:

On, we still make sure IE6 works on our pages. But because it requires so many code workarounds and extra debugging, the ancient IE6 browser is the bane of every web team’s existence at every site on the planet. And as browser technology gets better and better, IE6 is feeling more and and more like an old covered wagon whose oxen have gone out to pasture.

At, we may not hold sway on our own to get visitors to upgrade to the modern browsers, but we are betting the world will indeed upgrade their browsers for the sake of funny videos!


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  1. Thanks for this great post man.. ;)

  2. The only authorized browser in my company is IE6.The worst thing about IE6 is that it doesn't allow Tags.If you want to visit ten sites at the same time, you need to have ten windows open (instead of one window with ten Tags).Unfortunely, Youtube is also blocked.I hope someone from the IT department use IE8 at home and change things here at work.

  3. As a web developer, this is an INCREDIBLY welcome and long overdue move by YouTube. IE6 is a nightmare. Hopefully we will see other major websites follow suit. The only way to fix the problem is to educate inexperienced web users about how to upgrade their browsers.It's good that you guys are still supporting IE6 though. Many companies are still using it and do not allow their employees to install or update software.

  4. the only way to get rid of IE6 is to have google, youtube and facebook lock out IE6 all together. I know a lot of people who just wont upgrade any software (not only browsers) as long as it still somehow"" works. this means the only way they will upgrade is when their computer dies because of some hardware fault - more likely - some malware screws windows until it needs a fresh install."

  5. There are a lot of people (not as many as some years ago, but still too many) that have no idea what a rowser"" is, yet they browse the web regularly.Why is that, you will probably ask? Microsoft's marketing strategy, typical user ignorance and dislike of learning are some common reasons.But Forrester's market share stats illustrate how enterprises are ALSO sleeping through the browser wars:IE 6 has 60 percent of the enterprise market, with IE 7 clocking in at 39 percent.Didn't they realize that,1. It is insecure. Many exploits were discovered in it so far, and more are constantly discovered.2. It lags behind other browsers in standards compliance. Some of this is caused by the many bugs it has.3. It does not have many of the usability features that more modern browsers like Mozilla or Opera have.just to name a few."

  6. I love IE but I am so glad that people are finally upgrading to the newer things. Why not upgrade when everything will be much better.

  7. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! As a member of a web development team this is music to my ears. We spend more time testing and tweaking code to allow older outdated browsers to have the same viewing experience as the newer versions. More major websites need to adopt this policy and it would help to keep everyone more current.

  8. 50 ways? I cant think of 10 main stream browsers let alone 50. Mind you they are classing IE8 as a different browser to IE6, so they are probably counting every version of firefox for the last year or so.

  9. This article is very interesting, personally in my opinion, would be even better if it can accommodate both the latest version and previous versions ...

  10. Other big sites should encorage this upgrade/change also, as IE6 has many security related issues that makes surfing dangerous.

  11. As a web designer IE6 causes me so many problems and I spend so much time hacking sites which work fine in everything else so they work in IE6. The more sites that stop supporting IE6 and force users to upgrade the better. Hopefully with the new browser choice people will be more aware of different browsers and upgrades.

  12. well i am a webmaster, i always test first on IE6 then on other browsers, because people still using IE6 the most, they don't want any headache to change or upgrade it, in fact many on them don't know how to do it, i think if youtube asked people to change browser then people are gonna face real problems, or youtube should tell them step by step plan to change. otherwise in my opinion youtube is gonna lose some users for a little time, i mean people can't stop watchig videos on youtube.