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5 Likes and 5 Loves of Social Media Week – San Francisco, Day 2 @ Cisco

February 15, 2012 - 0 Comments

As the Cisco conference room became quiet for the start of day 2 of Social Media Week – San Francisco, attendees were typing rapidly. What may otherwise be construed as rude was actually a room full of attentive people eager to post in-the-moment thoughts about the days’ presentations.

Here are 5 things I liked, and 5 things I loved:


1. Rebecca Brown, Director of Social Media at Intel, shared her guidelines for social media:  disclose who you are, never disclose confidential information, and use common sense. Now that’s refreshing, and a lot easier to follow than a verbose social media policy.

Michael Brito, left, moderating a panel with Todd Wilms of SAP, Gina Ballenger of Wells Fargo, Rebecca Brown of Intel, and Maria Poveromo of Adobe.

2. Robb Begg, VP of marketing at Radian 6 pointed out that people focus too much time on the extreme situations,  causing unwarranted fear and doubt. For every terrible outlier, there are hundreds of thousands of positive interactions and opportunities.

3. During a panel on the future of social business, Mario Sundar from LinkedIn said we can look forward to measurement tools that will be able to calculate return on investment (ROI) for social media.

4. Todd Wilms from SAP talked about the difference between social media and traditional marketing. In social media, you are not communicating business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Instead, you are speaking person-to-person, which gives you the advantage of inherent trust and believability.

5. Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter spoke about making a business case for social media and open leadership. He said “To regain power, organizations must use the same tools customers do.”

“Loves” (this was on Valentine’s Day, after all)

1. During her presentation on “Cisco’s Social Media Journey,” Jeanette Gibson said she sees Gamification as the #1 trend in the enterprise. Let the games begin!

2. During “Social Media through an Executive Lens,” Carlos Dominguez said it is important to have a desire to embrace life-long change. He went on to say that some Cisco executives have welcomed change through a reverse mentoring program with young employees.

Cisco executives, Carlos Dominguez and Sheila Jordan, shared their perspectives on social media. Carlos joined Social Media Week San Francisco via Cisco TelePresence, and Sheila joined us in person. Follow them on Twitter @CiscoSheila and @carlosdominguez.

3. During “Why Enterprise Social Media Loves Social Good,” a question was raised about the delicacies of social impact vs. business impact. The conclusion: we are unapologetic for making money while doing good.

4. “We are just getting started, friends.” –Jeremiah Owyang. I couldn’t have said it better. Social is not going away anytime soon, so the sooner your embrace it, the better.

5. LaSandra Brill presented on “The Power of Listening,” and used real-life examples of how Cisco has turned negative sentiment into positive by listening and taking action.

What was your favorite moment or take-away from #SMWCisco?

Other Highlights:

Michael Brito, author of “Smart Business, Social Business,” signed copies of his book for attendees.

Jeanette Gibson presented on Cisco’s Social Media Journey and 6 major trends.

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