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My 2008 Virtual Highlights and 2009 Quick Picks

- January 10, 2009 - 6 Comments

OK I know a bit late for this kind of post but here are my top highlights as relates to virtual news and happenings in 2008.1) Google’s Lively — Came, went and was re-born as NewLivelya. Many folks saw the announcement to shutter Lively as unfortunate and a bit short sighted, read one opinion.b. Fans rallied though and NewLively was born from the ashes.2) PlayStation Home — Finely launched but will it be in Beta forever?a. Everyone greatly anticipated this release which seemed to take forever to finally get here.b. Some folks think Home is just scratching the surface of what it can do while others (including Home Director, Jack Buser) think it will be in beta forever.3) Warhammer — Darn fine game, raising the bar…but not the death of WoW; imo.a. Warhammer Online released this year. Woot!b. The game garnered a lot of well deserved praise but some folks are cautious to cry victory as regards the games long term success..4) Virtual Meetings and Events — The current state of the economy and corporate ‘green’ initiatives help the format explode off the chartsa. Read a couple of opinions from some of the folks on the vendor side of the industry: Unisfair talks about the future of virtual events and this blog ponders the future of MacWorld and CES.image5) OpenSim — Not ready for prime time yet but when it is, watch out y’all.a. OpenSim is the open source alternative to Second Life. Some say it is as important to virtual worlds as Apache is to web site, read for yourself. b. Many folks say that there are definitely good things going on and to come in 2009, but not a large audience at this time. However, they always follow-up with while it may not be ready for public consumption now…it will be industry changing when it is. So what am I looking forward to right now in 2009? Many things but at this moment…1) Jumpgate Evolution — has my interest piqued: sci-fi, space shooter, MMO…sounds like Eve…could be a good one a. This post is what made me have to try it out at least.2) Cisco Live Virtual and Cisco Live in Second Lifea. Not saying anything else accept the team is taking it to a whole new level this year on both fronts…i. Will try to blog frequently on the massive amount of work we are all about to undertake to evolve the experience for our virtual attendeesimage3) Virtualizing my library — Yeah I got a Kindle, back ordered until February mind you, but got one none the less

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