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10 Social Media Practices That Will Give You Nightmares [IMAGE]

December 12, 2011 - 4 Comments

Have you ever woken up in the morning with sweat rolling down your face?  With the holidays right around the corner, if you’re one of those people that find holiday shopping stressful, you know what I’m talking about…So does Ernie.

Meet Ernie (in image below). He has had some trouble sleeping lately and when he finally does fall asleep, his dreams are consumed by nightmares. Nightmares about 10 social media practices. Check them out below.

Help Ernie – using the comment box below, share some of your best tips with him so he can sleep well again.

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Thank you and sweet dreams!

10 Social Media Practices That Will Give You Nightmares


Thanks to @christyjpark for your partnership on this fun deliverable.

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  1. Good post, but you also left out the need to ensure that if you are sending a private conversation that it only goes to the intended target. As a now former member of the US Congress learned this year, don’t Tweet to all of your followers what is intended for just one person. Once it’s on the Internet it’s on the Internet forever.

    • Oh, I could easily add 20 more! There are so many worst practices or things that could go wrong. Thank you for adding your nightmare!

  2. Petra — love the graphic! Your post is a riot, but full of such sage advice. How about a couple more?

    1) Start a Facebook fan page for your company and then wonder why only your employees “like” it.

    2) Shift to social media from traditional because social is “free”

    With your permission, I used your graphic to highlight a few more nightmares. The post is at if you want to keep laughing. Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks, Laura!