Video Cameras Deliver More Than Security

October 8, 2010 - 0 Comments

IP surveillance cameras can make you more productive and help your business operate more efficiently

I love doing business with small companies, such as local retailers, but the downside is that you often have to wait to be served because there are few staff members. So I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I went to my local dry cleaners to drop off some shirts.

I walked in and nobody was at the counter. I thought I would need to shout to see if anyone was in the back, but luckily the owner quickly came to the desk and greeted me. I told him how happy I was that I didn’t need to holler. He apologized and explained that he was in his office ordering supplies on his computer and an alert flashed up on his screen letting him know that I’d just walked in. His video surveillance camera is based on technology which enables him to view camera images on his PC.

Improve Productivity

I’ve previously discussed how small businesses can use IP video surveillance to gain a strategic advantage. My dry cleaner is using IP video surveillance to help make his small business more productive.

My dry cleaner’s IP video surveillance system gives him peace of mind to step away from the front of his shop to work in the back, because he’ll be alerted on his PC or on his 3G phone as soon as a customer walks in. It saves him from having to hire an additional employee and frees him to complete other tasks.

Keep an eye on your business from anywhere

Another benefit of IP video surveillance is that it allows small business owners with multiple locations to view what’s happening in each of their facilities on a single computer screen or to be alerted on their 3G phone. And you don’t have to be at your own computer. You could be at a customer site and use a computer there. As long as you have Internet browsing capabilities, you can view what your IP video cameras are recording live.

Video surveillance cameras, like the Cisco VC 220 Dome Network Camera , that let you virtually manage cameras at multiple sites from a central location makes you more productive because you don’t have to be tied to your desk to watch over your business. You could be out generating more business and be alerted to events captured on camera according to the policies you set.

If you’re not technically minded, sometimes trying to figure out how to install a piece of technology is time consuming. Many IP video cameras, such as the Cisco WVC 210 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Video Camera, use wireless technology so you can easily add it as a device to your existing wireless network. No need to spend time figuring out how to run an extra Ethernet cable to where you want to mount the camera.

IP video surveillance also lets you locate specific dates, times, or incidents in video archives quickly and easily without having to manually pore over hours of analog video. How time-consuming and tedious that is!

I’m looking forward to going to my dry cleaners to pick up my shirts because I know that I’ll get quick service.

Have IP video cameras improved productivity at your business? Tell us how.

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