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To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Everyone seems to have their head in the “clouds” these days.  At my house, we are CNN junkies.  If you want to get the low down on top business news of the week in a humorous way, watch Quest & Ali (Q & A).  They recently discussed, “Should you ditch your hard drive for the cloud?”  Being a consumer and/or a small business it’s a decision worth investigation.  By using the cloud over a hard drive, you can access your data from anywhere, it’s more efficient and you can’t lose it.  US eCommerce says, sales for cloud computing equated to 142B last year and an added 100B expected this year.

The old school hard drive users are not quite there with the cloud.  They realize it’s the future but not yet.  Some feel the cloud offers too many risks with security, viruses and bugs.  They also don’t believe it is more cost efficient to use a cloud server than their own hard drive.  Small businesses have found cloud computing to be worth the risks according to 75 percent of respondents to a Cisco survey.  At my house, my totally tech husband can’t wait to have our home computing in the cloud.

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  1. BTW, if you want to see some great marketing around the cloud, watch the Apple WWDC video from last week where a weakened but still awesome Steve Jobs launched iCloud. It was a masterful marketing initiative, securely positioning Apple as a leader in cloud technology, where they’d been previously unsuccessful. Great example of how marketing can really make a difference.