Technology Roundup: Voice

January 10, 2012 - 1 Comment

Need a new phone system? These resources can help

A phone system is critical to your company’s success. Without it, your business would be, well, out of business. A voice system that is cloud-based or that runs over your existing IP network provides several advantages over a traditional private branch exchange (PBX) system—from improving customer service and increasing employee productivity to saving your company money.

In this last installment of our Technology Roundup series, we provide resources that can help you choose the voice system that best fits your small business.


Find the Right Small Business Phone System for Your Company

Office Phone System: Designed to Help You Grow

Small Business PBX: The Basics

Small Business Phones: The Basics

Small Business VoIP: The Basics

Small Office Phone System: Basic and Affordable

Small Office Phone System: Getting Started

Voice over IP FAQ

Blog Posts

3 Steps for Implementing VoIP in Your Small Business

5 Ways to Ensure High-Quality VoIP Service

6 Ways to Protect Your Voice Data

Considerations When Buying a Phone System

Cloud-Based Telephone Services

Don’t Risk Your Business on a Consumer-Grade Voice Service

Hosted vs. Installed VoIP: Which One is Right for You?

How Safe is Your Phone System

Public vs. Private IP-Based Voice Systems

Reduce Your Phone Bill

VoIP Technology Has Plenty to Offer Small Businesses

Top 3 Reasons Hosted VoIP is Perfect for New and Growing Small Businesses

Customer Stories

Delivering Total Communications Solutions for Customers

Financial Firm Makes Wise Money Move with New Phone System

Growing Law Firm Stays Connected to Courts and Clients

New Phone System Helps Horse Farm Operate More Efficiently

Pediatrician’s Phone System Enhances Patient Care and Staff Productivity


Cisco Small Business Phones Deliver Peace of Mind to Video Company

Cisco Small Business Phones—Every Customer Call Is Answered

How Does a VoIP Phone Call a Non-VoIP Phone?

Small Business Mobilizes Employees with Hosted Solution

Voice System Helps Eyewear Company Focus on Customer Service

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  1. Great information. Also a lot of articles, videos,blogs and stories look-up. I must say, phone systems are of the most critical things to be aware of. It’s part of the business that must be present and secured to ensure proper communication.