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Technology Roundup: Routers and Wireless

October 10, 2011 - 0 Comments

Looking to connect your business to the world? These resources can help

They’re small, often kept out of view, and rarely thought about beyond the purchase. However, without a reliable router, you can’t securely connect to the Internet. Whether wired or wireless, a router is critical to connecting your company to your world of employees, partners, and customers. A router is also your first line of defense for protecting your network resources against malicious attacks. So choosing the best routing and wireless solutions for your business are key to ensuring that you’re building the right network to support your business today and tomorrow.

In this third installment of our Technology Roundup series, we offer some resources to help you understand routers and wireless networks and make the best decision for your small business network.


Ways to Connect Your Business

Wireless Networking FAQ

What is a Wireless Network: 5 Questions to Start With


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