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Protecting Your Business With a Service Contract

January 9, 2012 - 0 Comments

You may need more than a warranty to realize the full return on your technology investment

These are challenging economic times for small businesses. You need the latest technology in order to grow your business. But you also need peace of mind knowing that you’ll get the most value from that technology investment.

You probably believe that a warranty will provide that protection should something go wrong with one of your network devices, such as a switch or router. Not necessarily.

A warranty is not equal to technical support. Most warranties only guarantee against a defective product and provide limited support.

If you want to better protect your company against loss due to network downtime and to improve business efficiency and increase employee productivity, you should consider a service contract. A service plan offers three significant advantages over a warranty—advanced hardware replacement, software updates, and technical support.

Some service contracts, like Cisco Small Business Support Service, provide next-business-day product replacement. This ensures that your business stays up and running with a minimal amount of network downtime. In contrast, warranties typically require you to return the faulty device to the manufacturer before receiving a replacement product.

With a service contract, you receive ongoing major and minor release updates, ensuring your device is always running the latest software. This helps preserve the operational health of your network.

A service plan also offers more comprehensive support. Many warranties do not provide support and some only provide limited support for limited period of time. A service contract delivers support for an extended period of time and includes a level of support that goes beyond basic configuration, diagnosis, and troubleshooting. The Small Business Support Service, for example, provides three years of support and access to Cisco technical experts trained on solving small business networking issues and device-level problems.

An additional advantage to a service contract is the human factor. With Small Business Support Service, you have a local Cisco reseller who is backed by Cisco working on your behalf as a trusted advisor. This gives you one point of contact for implementation and problem resolution.

If you think a service contract doesn’t fit your small business budget, consider this: A missed customer call or purchase could cost you as much—or more—than a service plan. Also consider that every hour of network downtime can cost your business revenue and damage your company’s reputation.

A service contract can protect both your business and your technology investment. Now that’s peace of mind.

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