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New Cisco RV Series VPN Routers

February 21, 2017 - 25 Comments

Hello all,

As you can well imagine, the routing team is buzzing with enthusiasm as the new Cisco RV340 Series launches with great anticipation. The idea for the new models started a few years ago, as a blank piece of paper. This piece of paper quickly filled up with what would define these new VPN Routers in what we call a Product Requirements Document, or PRD. Yes, we love acronyms around here.

I started this document around 2013. The program took on different angles at times, even with different Product Managers, but the focus was always to design, create, craft, build, test, validate, and finally launch the best RV Series we have ever produced. Today, I can officially say we have done that. The long journey has almost been completed.

These models have the most powerful processors we have ever used, they have the best-in-class features, and are easily set-up, configured and deployed with our intuitive user interface and set-up wizards.

The new models include the RV340, RV345, RV345P, and RV340W. The RV340 and RV345 are launching today, the RV340W and RV345P will be available later this year.

Cisco RV340

The RV340 started as a replacement for today’s RV320. But the  specifications quickly escalated as we push the limits of our portfolio. The RV340 has Dual WAN ports and four LAN ports.

Cisco RV345P

The RV345 and RV345P have Dual WAN ports and 16 LAN ports. The RV345P adds PoE (Power over Ethernet ) ports to power devices such as Wireless Access Points or other devices.

Lastly, the RV340W is the most powerful Wireless VPN Router ever in the RV Series portfolio.  It is also the first 300 Series Wireless model. This all-in-one networking-in-a-box model is all someone looking for the perfect blend of performance, range, security and reliability for their business network. All of the models use the same processor, same switch and same software.

The RV340 and RV340 are launching now, the RV340W and RV345P will launch later this year, stay tuned in here.

Now for the fun. We are doing a little contest where we are giving away some cool prizes for the next three weeks. The Grand Prize is a new Cisco RV345!

Click on the RV340 Series Router Knowledge Quiz to submit your entry.

We will be asking questions based on the product pages and datasheets. Be ready to answer some questions! Feel free to enter everyday and keep coming back here for updates. Sorry friends, this one is the US only. We promise, the next one will be for more regions!

Product Pages:

Cisco RV340 Dual WAN VPN Router

Cisco RV345 Dual WAN VPN Router

The Datasheets are available on the product pages by clicking on “Learn More”.

Questions? Please contact us at

From our team to your team,

Thank you.

Marc and the rest of the Cisco Small Business Team

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  1. Hi Marc, Such a nice article. what about web filtering. this is available right now? Thank you so much for share this article.

    Exam Certify

    • Available now!

      • 1. I’m unable to find a reseller with stock.

        2. I spent an hour with Cisco chat trying to get the answer to this question:

        “I want to recommend the Cisco RV340 to my client fro use as a small business firewall and to allow them to connect to their LAN from an iPAD using VPN.
        Please confirm that this product will work with the iPad VPN Client that is built in to iOS and please let me know if any additional software or purchases are needed to accomplish this for a single iPad.

        If I can make this work, I can recommend this product to each of my small business clients.”

        I wasted hours on the Cisco site and chatting with Cisco reps reading from scripts trying to find the answer.

        If you can answer #1 and #2 in detail, that would be MOST helpful.

        Thank you,

  2. Hi Marc, I´d like to buy the new rv345P, when you think that is available? thanks

  3. This article is a good example of how the author focuses in on the subject matter of which he/she has a real good grasp!

  4. i’m not from US i hope if i can participate ?

  5. i will purchase an rv340, rv345, or rv345P immediately if you can give me a link asto where it can be purchased. I can not locate anywhere. I prefer the rv345P if available.


    • Please email us at

      We will assist.


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  6. I will configure my purevpn on this router.

  7. Please tell us this new series will start off at least as stable as the 320’s have finally become after a long path.
    Also, will AnyConnect be shipped or accessible for download with this product?
    And would be nice if you posted on the product page a comparison with and improvements from the 320 series–so we understand the benefits.
    Hopefully this series goes further to add more significant firewall and anti hack and attack techniques.
    Thanks for bumping up the market. We’ve already put in an order via distribution.

    • Thank you Chet for your comments. This model has more processing horsepower, more security features including AnyConnect VPN and Application ID. We will look at creating a comparison piece that outlines the difference between the new models and past models.

      Appreciate you taking the time to read and reply.

    • *lach*Geniale Formulierung.Da ich es hin und wieder jedoch doch schaffe eine Pflanze am Leben zu erhalten, mitunter gar zum Blühen bekomme, wird mir dieser Club leider verwehrt we;eBnr-)*wink*detty

  8. sorry to hear you are not considering your friends outside the US for your competition at this time

  9. Hi Marc, what about web filtering. Will this be available like in RV320WB?

    Thank you

    • Hi Martin,

      There is web filtering available. This time we are selling licenses to the models.

      • Marc, Thank you very much for the response!

      • So we now have to pay for functionality “web filtering” that is out of the box in the RV320?

        • Hi Dave,

          Actually, the RV320 with web filtering has a slightly higher price than the RV320 without web filtering. Same with the RV325, RV130 and RV130W with web filtering.