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Cisco Tech Talks Videos (and the French Open)

May 30, 2018 - 11 Comments

Hello friends,

Have you been watching?

This Wednesday sees play continue into Round Two (Deux) at Roland Garros for the French Open. We have already seen last year’s Women’s Jelena Ostapenko lose in her opening bid to go back-to-back for 2018. Serena and Venus won their opening doubles match today. Grigor Dmitotrov won a close won over Jared Donaldson.

Side note, Jared and my son were in the same summer team camp a few years ago. You could already see the promise and the expectations mounting. His future is bright as are several of the young players on both the men’s and women’s sides.

Hope you all get to watch some of the action ahead of the business-end of the tournament next week.

You may have seen some of our Tech Talks Videos. We actually just posted some new videos this week.

This is one example posted two days ago.

There are different uses for these videos. Most of the videos are short “How-To” snippets. Some can be longer in length and more detailed. I would also say some are more similar to a Video Datasheet in nature. We even have some product and feature use-case videos. Like this one above, configuring VPN Failover with a multi-LAN VPN Router (like the RV340, RV345, RV345P and RV340W).

We are lucky to have a very talented team that puts these videos together. They take input from us Product Managers: ideas, storyboards, scripts etc, but what they end up with as a finished product is just solid work.

We do have a playlist if you are interested in seeing the library that our team has compiled. Our team is led by Dr. Paul Y, who resides in South Dakota. Nice work Paul! The Product Team definitely appreciates the work you and team do. This work makes our job that much easier.

Cisco Small Business WAP581 MGig with Link Aggregation (LAG), RV345/RV345P (PoE), and SG350/SG350X MGig Switches


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Twitter: @ciscosmallbiz


Stay tuned here for updates from our team! Later this year we have some new VPN Routers coming! Be ready!

Have a question?

Yes – the post at the top is of Venus and Serena.

Marc and the rest of the Cisco Small Business Team

RV Series Routing | SF/SG110-550X Switching | WAP Wireless Access Points

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  1. Marc,

    Thanks for the playlist. Quite a cache of videos, and lots of hard work putting them together.

    BTW, I'm glad I'll never have to be on the other side of the net playing against the Williams' Sisters. What a formidable pair!

    • I don't need help. I'm trying to help Cisco fix its firmware. I have used circuitous means to bypass the error.
      It seems the link you provided routes me toward opening a "case" and I'm been refused help there before, because I have not service subscription.

      Isn't there an e-mail for "errors found by customers" in Cisco equipment?

  2. To whom, at Cisco Technical, may I direct a report of firmware errors in RV110W and its latest incarnation, RV215W? I am using the latest firmware.

  3. Sorry I was so harsh. Indeed, a Cisco employee (Frank Asuncion) replied to my first e-mail very promptly, and the subsequent rapid-fire back-and-forth steered me towards a technical solution found at supportforums. Thank you, Frank A. and Marc N., for being there.

  4. I was refused tech help and referred to supportforums. I found a tip there that (at least for the moment) broke the logjam and now my RV340 can send out g-mail. It was remarkably Byzantine, to accomplish such a routine, dull objective. No help from Cisco itself, whatsoever. I surely didn't want to go the RMA route, as I knew the next router would fail the same way…

    At least I owe you thanks for pointing me towards an eventual solution.

  5. I'm frustrated: I've been trying (for over a month) to get my new RV340 gateway to shoot out e-mails. I've tried everything… I'm experienced at this… and I'm convinced the Cisco equipment has a bug. I can get Goggle's "" trick to work, as it requires no authentication; but your router is supposed to work using more reliable avenues. None of my attempts using authentication… G-mail or Charter … mail works. Please test this yourself and tell me what needs to be done, to make e-mail notifications go out of this router.

    I have RV110Ws working just fine, first time and every time, on this point.

  6. Awesome ! 🙂