Better Wireless for Small Businesses

September 14, 2018 - 1 Comment

Meraki has always focused on bringing simplicity, reliability and security to networking. Why? So that our users don’t have to worry about their networks. Instead, they can prioritize the things that matter most to their businesses: building new products and services, reaching new customers and providing amazing customer service.

A dependable WiFi network is vital for the enterprise customer and small business alike. In fact, for small businesses, the network can do more than just provide connectivity. WiFi attracts customers, encourages them to stay for longer, and drives more sales. Yet, in a recent survey by Meraki of 1,000 small business owners, over 80% of respondents said they did not have a dedicated IT person on staff to manage their network. So how can they ensure they have the best and most reliable network possible?

Today we’re announcing the launch of Meraki Go, a new WiFi solution designed specifically for small businesses. It’s a brand new offering from Meraki that includes both hardware and a cloud service built to address the unique challenges and experiences of the small business. And of course, at the center of the Meraki Go product is Meraki’s core value of simplified IT.

Meraki Go provides important solutions for small businesses while being easy to use and set up. Features like easy onboarding, web blocking, and usage limits provide solutions to business owners without additional management overhead. Here is what else sets it apart:

  1. Purpose-built for small business. Meraki Go is designed specifically for small businesses with 20 or less employees. And since we know that small business owners don’t often have their own IT teams, Meraki Go gives users access to Cisco’s award-winning support team to provide peace of mind.
  2. Enterprise-style security. Meraki Go has security built in, including web blocking and guest networks to ensure that their wireless network runs safely and securely at all times. Security is also built directly into the Meraki Go app so that the network can alert users when something is amiss, helping to solve the problem.
  3. Meraki simplicity. Like all Meraki products, Meraki Go was built to ensure an easy and streamlined installation process. Network setup and maintenance are unified in the Meraki Go app for iOS and Android, allowing customers to access and manage their networks at any time. With features like usage limits and alerts, Meraki Go can help you optimize usage and time.

With Meraki Go, we’ve also made it easier for small business customers to buy from us. For the first time ever, a Meraki product will be available for purchase on the Cisco website in addition to through our channel partners. Not all small business owners have the partner relationships of our enterprise buyers, so we have tailored the way we sell this product to make the process easier for small businesses.

Small business owners work hard to ensure the success of their business and we know how important a safe and reliable network can be for their bottom line. With today’s announcement, we’re bringing Meraki’s unmatched network reliability, security and simplicity to a whole new set of customers. And we’re excited to help them focus on what matters most to them: their business.

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  1. Todd,
    c/o MAC-TRAC
    I am a IT manager for a Behavior Health Clinic here in Memphis.
    I have been working in the IT field for more than 25 years. I work a lot
    with your devices in our facilities, ie: router, switches, and modems.

    I have an ideal. This applies more to routers or modems that have Wi-Fi

    When another device i.e. (phone, apple watch, fitbit) come is radius of a Wi-Fi (modem/router)
    device, by design it tries to connect to that device.

    What if:
    All your devices had a code built in to them that logged these MAC ADDESSES in a separate log file.
    And as you know MAC ADDRESS are usually register somewhere. Thus, my name "MAC-TRAC".

    The added value would be in the event of a business break-in, home burglary, or any criminal act this device could be used traced back to the owner.

    Much like Law Enforcement track Cell Phone, this would be another tool to put trace the bad guys.

    This feature would be hidden to only a need to know basis.

    The radius range, the data collected, and the information would be encrypted format, would be set to the application.

    The cost to add this feature would be nominal by a simple firmware update to legacy devices, and going forward
    it could be embedded in future packages.

    If you think this is a doable solution, please let me know. Considering the long term impact, a fair consideration would appreciated.
    Lastly, this ideal have not been shopped to any other vendor. I have other ideals that may be practical, but this one may be a
    good fit for your organization.