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4 Ways Gigabit Ethernet Can Improve Your Business

A faster switch can provide the speed and reliability you need to support your business needs and help keep your company competitive.

When all you needed your network to do was connect devices and provide access to some applications, you could get by with an entry-level switch. But times have changed. The applications and tools you use to run your small business have gotten more complex,  requiring more bandwidth, and the need for reliable access has increased. Fast Ethernet may no longer be fast enough for your small business. If your network can’t keep up with today’s web-based applications, video and data-intensive business tools, it may be time to upgrade to a Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Gigabit Ethernet has been around for awhile. It delivers performance that’s 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet. Originally, Gigabit Ethernet switches weren’t within most small business budgets, but they’ve come down significantly in price and are now an affordable option for any company. In fact, there are now more devices and switches shipped with Gigabit Ethernet than Fast Ethernet.

Whether you’re building a new small business network or looking to upgrade your current network, here are four benefits Gigabit Ethernet switches can provide:

  • Enhanced productivity: If employees are twidding their thumbs, waiting on unresponsive applications to launch and for files to load, your company is losing time and money. A Gigabit Ethernet switch, such as the Cisco Small Business 300 Series Switches, improves employee productivity by providing faster file transfers and access to critical business applications.
  • Improved network responsiveness: The more applications and technologies you have running on your network, the more bandwidth you need to ensure they run at their peak. A Gigabit Ethernet switch provides the performance necessary to run multiple applications simultaneously by mutiple users without fear of bottlenecks. Gigabit Ethernet switches also help ensure that your network is running consistently, minimizing costly network downtime.
  • Advanced technology support: As your small business grows and you look for ways to stay competitive, reduce costs, and improve customer service, you may consider implementing more advanced applications such as IP telephony, web conferencing, and streaming video. All of these solutions run over the network and require more bandwidth to run effectively. Gigabit Ethernet switches provide the bandwidth and quality of service needed to ensure that your IP telephony solution delivers clear voice call quality without jitter and that video displays in a smooth, continuous stream.
  • Investment protection: Every dollar counts when you’re a small business. A Gigabit Ethernet switch can grow with your business as you add employees and applications, and will help make the most of your technology investment. Likewise, a switch like the Cisco 300 Series that provides support for advanced features such as IPv6 eliminates the need for an extensive upgrade in the future.

Have you upgraded to a Gigabit Ethernet switch? Share the benefits your company has experienced with the upgrade.

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