An agile workforce demands both flexible technology and flexible business solutions. Cisco is committed to providing more service and delivery choices to help ensure your business is secure and efficient as you work to achieve your IT transformation goals. Today, we’re announcing Specialized Expertise for Success Tracks and enhancements to our Business Critical Services National subscription services. 

Organizations face relentless pressure to transform IT in order to optimize the customer experience. With more than 7.5 billion Internet users predicted by 2030,¹ the demand for superior digital experiences continues to explode. Amid this rapid growth, its people, not technology, that remain at the heart of true digital transformation. With so many technology products and solutions available, your ability to transform into an agile, high-performing organization hinges on a commitment to growing the next generation of skills, closing the talent gap, and future-proofing your organization’s potential. 

Thriving in the current business climate requires being responsive to how customers want to try and buy. Cisco is no different; we’ve put a lot of thought into models that will meet changing needs and equip organizations like yours to succeed. According to a recent Gartner research report, 65 percent of organizations are accelerating digital business transformation to drive growth.² Another 58 percent of CIOs and IT decision makers are shifting budgets to ensure pandemic technology investments achieve their full potential.² 

However, organizations that seek to transform—without proper access to experts skilled in next-generation technologies, tools, and best practices—can face significant challenges. Being able to tap into skills and talent across the IT lifecycle, supporting next-generation technologies, regulatory standards, and industry-leading practices, is vital to your IT transformation. Below, you can learn what we are doing to make the skills you need easier to leverage. 

Combining digital insights and Cisco consulting experts 

This new offering – Specialized Expertise for Success Tracks – provides the right combination of Cisco consulting expertise paired with on-demand, AI-driven digital insights and self-service learning, best practices, and support from Cisco CX Cloud. Now, with a one-stop, unified digital experience from CX Cloud, you can access an adaptive workforce of Cisco experts to address priority initiatives, top projects, and individual challenges with our Scrum Services. You can also choose Expert-as-a-Service when dedicated experts with precise skillsets are needed to fill talent gaps and elevate the collective knowledge of a team. Bringing the power of digital together with human expertise creates a truly unique combination that accelerates your IT journey. 

Business Critical Services National version for public sector customers expands 

If your organization is a federal agency or public utility and has in-country residency and security classification requirements, your need for a resilient workforce with the right qualifications is even more acute. With strict requirements for in-country residency and security classifications, your resources may be hampered by security incidents, challenged by legacy systems, and burdened with IT performance issues. Unfortunately, for many of these customers with whom I speak regularly, critical IT projects are often delayed.

To address these challenges, Cisco Business Critical Services is now offering an Essentials – National base tier subscription package. Continuing our focus on choice and access to leading expertise, this version helps ensure that smaller customers can get the expert talent they need—including in-country citizenship or residence, security clearance options, and an on-premises analytics option for air-gapped data collection—to maintain data sovereignty on key projects and initiatives. 

At Cisco, we’re committed to providing you with the best expert-led engagements and digital insights to help drive proactive IT management, optimize your workforce, and transform your organization to deliver superior customer experiences.

To build adaptive and transformative IT that delivers improved resiliency for a superior digital experience, connect with your Cisco account representative or authorized partner today, or visit Business Critical Services and Success Tracks.

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¹ Cybersecurity Ventures, 2019 

² Gartner Group, Mid-2020 Gartner CEO Update, Senior Business Executive Survey