As organizations expand their digital landscape, expectations for seamless and superior digital experiences continue to intensify. The shift to hybrid work and multicloud environments has also added layers of complexity and pressure, with 86 percent of CIOs struggling to find the necessary IT talent in cyber security, cloud computing, and data management.1 To stay competitive in this era of relentless change, digital agility is essential for organizations that want to succeed in today’s evolving hybrid world.

Cisco is committed to helping organizations power hybrid work to accelerate their digital agility and achieve faster business growth. In fact, it’s one of our four key strategies. By now, the critical move to hybrid workplaces is underway—and there’s no turning back. With 96 percent of workers wanting to improve their work environments with intelligent workplace technology,2 IT leaders agree that investing in their infrastructure, IT talent, and training is vital as organizations continue moving toward a cloud-first world.

For hybrid work to work, a transformation needs to take place—it isn’t easy, but it can be achieved. By taking a platform-first approach and the right steps to mitigate risks, organizations can avert hybrid work challenges that may lie ahead.

Risks associated with getting hybrid work wrong

Meeting your customers and employees where they are is more important than ever. With hybrid work here to stay, companies can avoid three significant risks to prevent costly errors.

Risk #1: Security and business continuity

As hybrid work models become the norm, organizations must foster a safe working environment that is not only vital to maintaining critical business functions but can also impact business and security continuity during and after cyberattacks. By embedding security across three critical areas — the workplace, workforce, and workloads — organizations can be better equipped against cybercrimes expected to grow 15 percent yearly to $10.5 trillion by 2025.3

Risk #2: Poor customer experience

Businesses that can meet their customer’s needs at every interaction will prevail in today’s highly competitive market. And if they don’t, they risk losing business, since up to 77 percent of customers will leave if they experience any friction in the digital experience.4

Risk #3: Talent loss

Employees are customers too — and they won’t settle for less. Nearly half of all workers (49 percent) are likely to leave their current job if they’re unhappy or frustrated with workplace technology due to the pandemic.5

Strategies to getting hybrid work right

Balancing the intricacies of remote and onsite work can be challenging — which is why Cisco Customer Experience (CX) is committed to helping you take meaningful action. Our industry-leading experts can help you build and optimize a secure infrastructure to drive speed, agility, and growth.

With these three strategies, you can build a secure, agile, and seamlessly integrated infrastructure to support hybrid work.

  • Improved connectivity optimizes and simplifies connections for peak performance. Make it a priority to ensure your applications perform predictably, that your customer care is responsive, and that your connectivity is reliable.
  • Powerful collaboration requires increasing delivery of consistent collaborative and secure user experiences. Thus, it’s essential to ensure your employees have access to seamless and integrated experiences, including easy access to work applications, communication tools, and more.
  • Fortified security protects your customers and teams with end-to-end security and risk management. Safe working environments ensure the safety of employees returning to the office and the protection of remote workers’ access and security.

By unifying complex and diverse infrastructures to increase collaboration and strengthen security, Cisco can provide the right tools, strategic guidance, and best practices to meet the evolving needs of your workforce. To learn more about these CX strategies, read the eBook below.

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Three Strategies to Power Hybrid Work

Empower your workforce with expert support — and digital intelligence

To help your teams handle the demands of hybrid work, Cisco Business Critical Services can provide the additional resources and expertise you need to develop and execute innovative solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and scale implementations to ensure your business and people are up-and-running successfully.

Our CX engineers have deep technical knowledge and broad global experience backed by digitized intelligence including predictive analytics supported by AI and machine learning (ML). With Cisco Business Critical Services experts on your side, you can optimize your technology solutions to enable a highly functioning hybrid workforce.


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Lewis Taylor

Vice President

Cisco Customer Experience