The connections your customers build with your brand are largely tied to how they interact with your organization digitally. Customer experiences derived through these engagements have never been more important than now. Nearly a third (32%) of customers stated they would stop interacting with a brand they loved after one bad app experience,1 and a recent Forbes study found that 83% of executives surveyed faced moderate to severe risks to their revenue and market share because of unimproved customer experience.2

At the end of the day, what separates a good from a less favorable customer experience is whether your audience was able to accomplish what they set out to do as quickly and securely as possible. The Cisco CX Business Critical Services team understands the pressures your organization faces to keep up with digital demand and has the strategy and expertise you need when transforming your infrastructure in pursuit of delighting customers.

Here are a couple of key components organizations should consider when forming their infrastructure transformation strategy.

Strengthen security and de-risk business

Look at any CIO’s top priority list and you’ll see security at or near the top. As virtual customer engagements increase and hybrid workspaces become more prolific, the surface of one’s perimeter expands—leaving your infrastructure and customer data more open to cyberthreats.

As the largest enterprise cybersecurity company in the world, Cisco sets the security bar with solutions that drive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), and zero trust. And bringing these security solutions and strategies to life is Cisco CX Business Critical Services, through just some of the following ways:

  • Leverage in-country experts with National version. Many regulated industries require in-country talent to handle their most sensitive security and compliance issues. Available in 23 countries, National version allows organizations to leverage experts with local citizenship or residence and possess regulated security clearance options.
  • De-risk with AI/ML-applied identification through Risk Mitigation report enhancements. Identify crash risks for your entire network (or device sets) with expert guidance to manage those risks. Our AI-generated predictive modeling helps IT teams prioritize and address risks before they can impact uptime.
  • Maximize network operations uptime with Automated Fault Management. Winner of the Technology & Services Industry Association’s (TSIA) 2021 STAR award for featured applications, Automated Fault Management leverages machine learning and vast experience-based data trends, identifies urgent network problems, self-diagnoses, and surfaces remediation steps.
  • Take the risk out of design with Design Builder. Through Design Builder, organizations use rich analytics and visualization to analyze the connections between the network and the cloud. The automated solution helps IT teams swiftly address policy and security compliance issues on the network.

Design Builder – Take Risk Out of Policy Design

Increase observability infrastructure-wide

Organizations need visibility from core to edge to cloud to optimize uptime, costs, and resources with the flexibility that suits the needs of their individual business objectives. Business Critical Services enhance observability across the infrastructure.

  • Gain greater visibility into policies and device configuration with Policy Variation Analysis. Reduce time to value from weeks to hours by leveraging automated visualization of the relationship between devices and policy exceptions.
  • Observability with flexibility through Operational Insights Review reporting enhancements. Cisco recognizes that reporting is not a one-size-fits-all approach. As such, we’ve provided more flexibility with reporting to meet our customers’ business needs (limitations apply).
  • Transform the application experience with Cisco Intelligent Insights Service. Gain expert guidance and visibility throughout the application lifecycle to help optimize availability and performance while accelerating time to market for new releases. Our Scrum teams can help with activities such as dashboard development, technology roadmap alignment, and executing assessments of application rollout implementation and performance. Additional Scrum Services are available to help your IT teams architect and engineer hybrid cloud, public 5G, and zero trust strategies.

Leverage Business Critical Services to meet your customer experience goals of today while architecting your infrastructure transformation goals of tomorrow. Reach out to Cisco CX Business Critical Services or your Cisco partner representative.