Innovation is the cornerstone of any IT organization striving to create remarkable digital experiences (DX) that delight customers and connect its workforce. Having the right technology and skills in place can ignite innovation and accelerate overall business growth. In fact, technology-driven innovators not only create market-dominating differentiation but can grow four times faster than their peers1.

An organization that prides itself on tech-driven innovation prioritizes the importance of proactively seeing around corners to ensure availability and having the flexibility to scale their IT infrastructure and resources to meet the ever-changing needs of the business.

Cisco Business Critical Services understands that you need to empower your IT teams today to fulfill tomorrow’s digital demands, including hybrid work, e-learning, and increased online commerce. Because of this, we’ve taken several measures to evolve our advisory services with capabilities that enable you to innovate at the speed of change and empower business growth.

Better Visibility to Increase Availability

A positive customer experience could simply be described as a person accomplishing what they set out to do as quickly as possible. Can I securely and swiftly check my bank account balance online or complete a weekly food shop through an app? To facilitate this, an organization’s infrastructure needs to be available and reliable in handling the recent influx of digital workloads.

To better facilitate this, Business Critical Services have added the following capabilities:

  • Scalability Insights: A new reporting and customer review session, Scalability Insights gives customers the tools to measure capacity levels across devices for superior network stability and increased uptime. Engineers can now have greater visibility and control to scale platform resources and avoid service disruptions related to platform scale.
  • Operational Insights Outbound APIs: Allowing for a simpler integration in one’s operational systems, our newly developed API delivers actionable insights over summary data in near real-time without making significant changes to a customer’s network. Through this new API, integration costs are optimized and time to value is accelerated.

Flexibility at Scale for Business Growth

Flexibility and agility go hand in hand. Organizations need to pivot resources and technology quickly to stay at the forefront of innovation to grow and transform their business. Business Critical Services is the force multiplier to ignite innovation with increased flexibility in the following ways:

  • SaaS Entitlement Model: With the new SaaS Entitlement Model, you can take advantage of new Business Critical Services features and capabilities as they become available throughout your subscription term, providing an engagement model that can keep up with the rate of change.
  • Cisco Operational Insights Collector: Data must be collected from our customers’ infrastructure to drive analytical insights. With Cisco Operational Insights Collector, you can now accelerate data collection by leveraging any number of third-party or Cisco Network Management System tools native to a customer’s environment (i.e., SolarWinds or ScienceLogic).

IT Expertise Spanning Architectures and Geographies

Cisco prides itself on providing a robust set of services across various countries and architectures. Below is a snapshot into this increased footprint.

  • Design Builder, a Business Critical Services review and reporting feature which takes the risk out of policy design, is now available for Service Provider Mobility and Network Security architectures.
  • Automated Fault Management, a proactive issue detection feature from Business Critical Services, is now available for the Service Provider Mobility architecture.
  • Expert Care, Cisco’s top-tier support offering, has broadened its scope by extending the National version to Germany – providing in-country talent and expertise – and adding Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) to the list of supported data center technologies.

Ignite Innovation with Expert Advisory Services

Leverage Business Critical Services to increase visibility and flexibility across your IT organization at any stage of the lifecycle and optimize operations while accelerating innovation.  Reach out to Cisco CX Business Critical Services or your Cisco partner representative.


1 Forrester – If You Want To Dominate, Then Disrupt