According to recent industry research, increasing operational efficiency is the top business priority for IT teams, cited by 37% of CIOs and line of business (LOB) respondents. Not surprisingly, IT leaders say a consistent and stable IT environment is critical to their everyday success.

That’s where analytics come in. From uncovering risks, to defining new paths, and identifying opportunities for investment, analytics can help your teams achieve higher performance with confidence.

The power of predictive analytics

Analytics do more than just capture data. With predictive analytics, IT teams can continually analyze their infrastructure and application environment to help identify and resolve deficiencies and potential risks more efficiently.

Today, predictive analytics are more accessible than ever. And they have wide-ranging potential to improve your operations – from identifying device crash risk, software and hardware noncompliance, security gaps, upgrades, and end-of-life issues, to spotting operational risks that endanger availability and drive up costs.

Tailored insights, smarter actions

To accelerate time-to-value for our customers, Cisco Business Critical Services (BCS) provides key IT roles with the expertise, recommendations, and best practices they need to deliver higher performance and a secure, efficient, always-on network.

Behind every team of trusted Cisco experts, we employ the analytics, insights, and automation of Cisco Collaborative Intelligence to deliver tailored insights and smarter actions. Our predictive analytics, patented algorithms, massive data sets, and machine learning – securely, automatically, and intelligently – provide unmatched insights across your Cisco architectures to de-risk IT and strengthen IT resiliency.

For example, we use a technique called fingerprinting to securely and automatically cross-reference your devices with an anonymized database of intelligence collected from over 30 million devices around the world.

By using this information to identify problems before they can cause a business disruption or potential service outage, you can increase stability, performance, and availability.

Fingerprinting Diagram

Predictive analytics in action

Across industries, predictive analytics are enabling faster and more efficient digital operations – whatever an organization’s business goals. Here are a few examples of organizations using BCS analytics to their advantage.

Modernizing legacy infrastructure

By accessing near real-time analytics through a cloud-based portal, a large U.S. state government gained visibility into the network health of its 140 diverse agencies. Within the selected test group, 66% of IT equipment was identified as end-of-life, enabling leadership to prioritize its modernization.

Upgrading with reduced risk

When a global telecom company was preparing for a technology inflection point, it recognized the need to stabilize its infrastructure while driving down cost and freeing up resources. By using Cisco BCS automated compliance and remediation capabilities, the company was also able to improve its upgrade strategy, and speed up software changes with 99.8% accuracy, allowing it to accomplish hundreds of upgrades in weeks instead of months, and strengthen its platform without reducing service quality.

Performance and cost savings

Worried about a lack of network visibility and the potential risk of downtime caused by outages, a U.S. service provider introduced automation to enable real-time detection of network problems. This automation led to faster issue identification and remediation, helping prevent millions of dollars in lost subscriber revenue.

Put the data to work for your team

By leveraging the power of analytics – combined with automation and insights – throughout your technology lifecycle journey, your organization can gain the confidence and certainty it needs to achieve higher performance and an always-on, secure, and efficient IT business environment.

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