There’s no denying that digital is king. With recent events keeping employees and consumers close to home, digital interactions continue to climb across all areas of life. Remote work, E-learning, and online shopping continue to grow to the delight of organizations and institutions who’ve anticipated these digital engagements. Yet, despite many industries delivering improved response times during the pandemic, over half of the consumers (52 percent)1 still expect better brand engagement, especially in banking, telco, and online retail.

Providing more engaging digital interactions through online apps and services can fortify one’s brand, increase customer satisfaction, and directly affect the revenue stream for just about any company across every industry. In fact, a delighted customer contributes 2.6 times as much revenue as a somewhat satisfied customer2 and 14 times as much revenue as a dissatisfied customer3.

The Power of Digital Agility

Your ability to quickly adapt your organization’s infrastructure and resources to your customer’s evolving needs is the hallmark of digital agility. Organizations with digital agility can maintain business continuity, remain competitive in changing markets, and transform business and IT strategies for growth while providing delightful digital experiences for internal and external audiences.

How do companies innovate to provide intuitive, digital engagements while keeping operations on track?

eBook: Four Key Strategies to Accelerate Digital Agility.


Four Key Strategies to Accelerate Digital Agility and Growth

Cisco has identified four priorities organizations should align their IT and business strategies and resources with to accelerate digital agility and achieve business growth. They include:


  1. Power hybrid work: Ensure the speed, flexibility, and security needed to foster collaboration and richer interactions between your employees, customers, and partners.
  2. Reimagine Applications: Build and deploy apps fast from anywhere and monitor their performance in real-time to ensure a flawless app experience.
  3. Secure the enterprise: Retain the trust of your customers by keeping their data safe by strengthening the security of your systems, networks, and devices.
  4. Transform your infrastructure: Leverage the right technology and infrastructure to deliver digital apps and services to your customers while tackling new challenges around the corner.

Drive business resilience and growth

Enterprises planning for growth must continuously innovate their infrastructure and leverage resources to provide superior digital experiences. Gain insight into future digitalization trends and how your organization can get ahead by downloading the new eBook, Four Key Strategies to Accelerate Digital Agility.


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