In today’s fast-changing world, organizations must focus on IT security and resiliency to protect against cyberthreats and remain competitive as they evolve their technology for digital transformation. According to a report from ZDNet, there’s been a 400% increase in attacks on remote workers and a whopping 600% rise in cloud cyberattacks alone since 2020.[1]

The call for stronger IT security and resiliency is loud and clear, and Cisco Customer Experience (CX) is ready to answer. To successfully guide our customers on a secure IT lifecycle journey, earlier this year, Cisco Business Critical Services unveiled a series of enhancements to our portfolio that help organizations in multiple customer segments create resilient, adaptive, and transformative IT.

To build on those enhancements and extend our reach in helping organizations around the globe in their pursuit of achieving business resiliency and end-to-end security, we’re pleased to announce some exciting new enhancements to Cisco Business Critical Services. Let me introduce them briefly here:

First, we’re expanding the National version of Advantage and Premier tiers beyond the U.S. to include 15 additional countries and non-government segments. That means more customers have access to in-country Cisco experts with the qualifications, classifications, and citizenship to meet stringent compliance and security clearance requirements, including regulated industries like healthcare, finance, utilities, and more.

Automation + ML

Second, we’re adding coverage across more architectures for the Automated Fault Management (AFM) Scrum Services,

including Cisco Identity ServicesEngine security, optical, and ACI. This expands our ability to drive cost savings, increase efficiency, and issue resolution across a larger portion of our customers’ IT environments. We have also enabled SSH proxy support to simplify and increase access to devices, retain security compliance, and improve the onboarding experience. AFM has helped several of our largest customers to:

  • Reduce time to detect, troubleshoot, and generate an RMA by 80%
  • Cut problem resolution time by 75% and save $5M annually
  • Realize $8M in outage reduction savings over a 12-month period
  • Prevent millions in subscriber revenue loss over one-year

Third, we’re expanding the scope of Operational Insights Review to address challenges with network complexity by driving design standardization and policy compliance. Policy Variation Analysis uses supervised machine learning to dramatically reduce policy variation data collection and analysis time and provide clear guidance for remediation. Both Hardware Lifecycle Milestones and Product Security Advisory Customer Impact are made more powerful by the addition of Place in Network analytics. This enhancement works as a prioritization mechanism for developing security remediation plans, software upgrades and for hardware lifecycle management.

For more than 35 years, Cisco has been helping organizations confidently maintain security and build resiliency as they navigate their way through change. With Business Critical Services, organizations around the world gain access to Cisco experts, analytics, and insights to reimagine IT for agility, growth, and innovation. And we guide them every step of the way, with the technology and expertise they need—when, where and how they need it.

And we can help you, too. Let’s chart a new path forward, together. Starting today.

View our infographic to learn more about maximizing value throughout the IT lifecycle with Business Critical Services.

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[1] ZDNet, Sep. 2020