Business Critical Services are designed to help you improve the performance of your IT environment, accelerate business transformation, and confidently build business resiliency for the future. We are excited to share new enhancements to the Business Critical Services (BCS) portfolio recently unveiled at Cisco Live!, including the addition of a new Premier tier and BCS Add-Ons.

To help you stay ahead of the unexpected, BCS empowers every IT role in your organization with expertise powered by analytics, insights, and automation from our collective Collaborative Intelligence so you can build resilient, highly adaptive, and transformative IT. Together, Cisco and our CX Specialized Partners can guide you with the right recommendations at every step of your Cisco lifecycle journey. Thousands of customers already use BCS to proactively design more resilient IT environments to support their evolving business priorities.

Resiliency in the Face of the Unexpected

At the beginning of the recent worldwide health crisis, University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) needed to quickly set up a temporary connected field hospital.  Cisco provided a packaged IT infrastructure kit that was set up and operational in five days to support hospital surges and provide a temporary facility. The solution included wireless networking technology to access data, voice and video, integrated network security, and deployment guidance and support. This solution was developed based on Cisco’s and our partners’ experience supporting temporary hospitals such as the NHS Nightingale field hospital in the U.K. and the University of Maryland Medical System in the U.S. Watch the video:

Analytics-driven Guidance to Business Continuity

BCS Essentials and Advantage tiers were launched earlier this year to support medium-size enterprises, governments and cloud providers. We are now introducing a third tier, BCS Premier, and new Add-Ons.

Customers cited the following benefits in a recent BCS survey, 50% faster transformation, 74% less downtime, 3x faster adds and changes

BCS Premier empowers large enterprises and service providers with the right amount of intelligence and guidance, when, where, and how you need it so you can move your business forward. BCS Premier is available now in the US and Canada and will be available globally later this year.

Now, you can select one of these BCS tiers to cover all your installed Cisco products or choose a package for each architecture. You can select the best option for your business depending on how frequently you want to engage with Cisco and partner experts.

BCS Add-Ons enable organizations of every size to quickly respond to changing priorities by providing technical expertise so you can create an adaptive workforce and fill any talent gaps on your team. With BCS Add-Ons you can get the precise expertise you need from Cisco or CX Specialized Partners to drive innovation, speed transitions, and solve your IT challenges.

Add-Ons are offered with all three BCS tiers and include:

  • Expert-as-a-Service: Augment your team with dedicated experts in cutting edge technologies to address specific needs or fill critical team roles.
  • Specialized Expertise: Create your own adaptive workforce with access to the right expertise and latest intellectual capital to support your top priority projects or address unexpected events throughout the lifecycle.  

The BCS lifecycle services framework will help you create a more resilient, highly adaptive, and transformative IT organization. Grounded in best practices and Cisco intellectual capital, our approach to business continuity can help you drive transformation by improving resiliency and adaptability.   

  • Resilient IT: Optimize performance to increase capacity and improve availability, no matter where you work. ​ 
  • Adaptive IT: Engineer a flexible talent core to address evolving business priorities with less risk​ by tapping into the right skill sets where and when you need them​.  
  • Transformative IT: Empower roles across your IT landscape with an agile approach that allows them to react quickly to change and drive innovation.  

The BCS lifecycle services framework, coupled with our best practices model, provides you with a powerful and differentiated approach to achieving business continuity.

If you work with a Cisco partner as your trusted advisor, then you will be happy to know that your partner can utilize the capabilities of BCS to guide you on your optimization and transformation activities. And, your partner can quote and order BCS directly for you, so you can double down on business resiliency goals as soon as possible.

Learn More About How Cisco CX Can Help You Adapt and Evolve your Business

Know that Cisco and our partners are here for you every step of the way as you adapt and evolve your organizations during this time of unprecedented change. Find out more about new Cisco Business Critical Services offers unveiled during Cisco Live at cisco.com/go/bcs.



Chris Rittler

Vice President, Cisco CX Product Management

Customer Experience