I am proud to announce that last week at RSA the 2017 Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards honored three teams from the Cisco Security and Trust Organization. These teams were recognized for their work in defending the company’s networks, building secure and trustworthy products and services for our customers, and educating our employees – as well as the industry – on leading security practices:

  • Cisco Systems won Gold for Best Overall Security Company of the Year for ensuring pervasive security across Cisco’s global enterprise
  • Security and Trust Engineering was selected as the Gold winner for the Security/Information Technology Department of the Year
  • Cisco’s Pervasive Data Protection and Awareness Program won Silver for the Security/Information Technology Project of the Year

I thought it might be worth a bit more detail on each of the three areas honored, for while we are a large security company in products and services, we’re also a security-aware company for always keeping in mind that security must be embedded. Are we perfect? No, we’re not. Are we invested in being better? Absolutely.

Our organization’s goal is to ensure that security is embedded everywhere in the company – from product development to operations, information security to data protection, and in our culture. We invest in our people, processes, data, and technology to build an industry leading, secure enterprise – one where transparency and accountability are critical to retain the trust of customers and investors, and protect shareholder value and brand integrity.

Ed Paradise, VP Security and Trust Engineering, accepting awards

Security and Trust Engineering works tirelessly to ensure the trustworthy product development and value chain security that our customers demand. This includes developing both reliable and verifiable security components and processes – such as the Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle, Secure Boot, Trust Anchor and global certifications – that encourage innovation while maintaining necessary protections.

Cisco’s Data Protection Program continues to evolve how we address data protection proactively through our people, process and technology. From reviewing the technologies, tools and processes for capturing and containing cyber incidents, to building data protection leaders internally, the Data Protection Program is making a significant and positive impact on Cisco’s day-to-day operations.

I continue to be proud of such an incredible team and partners across the company. Together we achieve incredible things. Of behalf of Cisco, I want to thank the Info Security Products Guide Global Excellent Awards judging panel. We are humbled and honored.

[The Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards recognize excellence in every facet of the industry, including products, people behind the successes, and the best companies. See the complete list of winners.]