A few months ago we published a technical white paper explaining how we measure the performance of Cisco IPS sensors. The idea was to give Cisco IPS customers insight into the work that goes into producing the performance numbers that are recorded in a data sheet, with the ultimate goal of helping customers deploy the correct IPS appliance for their environment. We have now followed up the performance work with a paper describing how we test the effectiveness of our IPS product line.

This new paper titled, “Testing the Efficacy of Cisco IPS”, explains how Cisco IPS fits into the Cisco Security portfolio and how the IPS product team measures efficacy. 

It records the efficacy results from a test run with a standard third-party testing tool against an ASA 5585-X S60/P60 with a highly-tuned configuration. It also reports the performance of the ASA 5585-X S60/P60 using the same configuration. Finally, the paper reviews the empirical results from a previous study of Global Correlation, placing traditional IPS techniques in the context of other tools available on a Cisco IPS sensor.

These three studies combined will help network and security architects make informed purchasing and deployment decisions.

Have a look at the efficacy paper and let me know what you think of it.