Network Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls @ Cisco Live 2012-San Diego!

June 8, 2012 - 1 Comment

Criminals continue to evolve as does the threat landscape. Their targets are your business assets and disrupting the availability of your business operations. Why you ask? Well, it depends on what you have to offer and its value, or who you may have negatively provoked. The risk, impact, and amount of exposure will vary from incident to incident. Some questions to think about.

  • Once you are attacked, are you prepared and do you know how to respond?
  • Are you effectively handling incidents and remediating the damage?
  • Do you have countermeasures deployed for detecting, deterring, and preventing these nefarious behaviors?

In the upcoming instructor-led labs, Basic Network Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls and Advanced Network Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls, attendees will gain hands-on experience using the inherent security features and techniques on Cisco IOS Software. The Cyber Aikidō (合気道) Academy suite of security labs are being offered at Cisco Live 2012.

The labs build upon the best practices covered in the Cisco Guide to Harden Cisco IOS Devices and as in Aikidō, attendees will begin by learning basic techniques for protecting their networks and then progress to learning specific forms that will be used to identify and neutralize a number of different attacks. At the conclusion of these labs, students will be more prepared to effectively implement and deploy basic and advanced security features and techniques for identifying, classifying, deterring, and detecting attacks, threats, and nefarious behaviors.

Please join us at Cisco Live 2012 on Sunday June 10th for Cyber Aikidō (合気道) Academy: Basic Network Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls (LTRSEC-2014) and Cyber Aikidō (合気道) Academy: Advanced Network Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls (LTRSEC-2015).

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  1. Are any of these lab being held in other locations? More specifically in the Northeast region. There are folks who would very much like to attend the labs but could not make it to Cisco Live. Thanks.