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NCSAM Tip #11: Security Awareness Where You Live, Work, and Play

October 17, 2011 - 0 Comments

With the ever-evolving cyberspace landscape, our reliance on information is at an all-time high. Along with that reliance, comes an increasing focus on our devices. We can all relate to the common, daily scene of people so deeply entrenched in a mobile device chat session that they are almost oblivious to the outside world. This security awareness tip focuses on the boundary outside of that device and how situational awareness can affect security. Securing the physical boundary outside of that computer, laptop, or mobile device can often pay big dividends and thwart attacks. Below is a checklist of physical security awareness items you can add to your toolbox:

1. Use a privacy screen filter

2. Lock your computer or secure any mobile devices and external media out of site

3. When securing devices in public, be aware of who may be watching

4. Get permission when taking pictures or video with camera-enabled devices

5. Develop a personal security awareness policy that you follow daily

6. Make a point of learning acceptable-use and security policies when visiting public locations

7. Never leave confidential material on or near printers

8. Sign-up for security awareness training in your community or workplace

9. Looks for signs of tampering such as a moved keyboard or unfamiliar screen names at logon

10. Issue challenge questions to persons that appear out of place in public or in your workplace

We can avoid a number of security problems by occasionally glancing up from our devices and reviewing our situational awareness. Hopefully this list will trigger that water cooler discussion on physical security and keep you and others safe where you work, live, and play.

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