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Cisco Security Manager UCS Server Bundles Reduce Complexity and Time to Market

September 16, 2011 - 3 Comments

It’s no secret that network threats have grown significantly over the past several years – in number, as well as complexity. This growth continues to place an overwhelming burden on IT resources, who have to combat these threats on a daily basis. These guys already have a rough job of just keeping up with the sheer volume and variety of threats … but also making them go through multiple hoops and internal approvals to procure and piece together the solution from different vendors is enough to push a lot of folks over the proverbial edge!

It’s shocking, I know, but hardware, software, and management components don’t always work together if they weren’t specifically intended to do so. And even if they do, it can often take weeks to obtain the various pieces of a given solution from each of their respective vendors, then configure, tune, and test them prior to deploying them in a production environment. And if it doesn’t work perfectly after all that hard work? Well, then there’s good old fashioned finger pointing between the various vendors, while you’re just trying to get your solution up and running so you can protect your network. It would be so much more practical to just get everything from a single vendor!

To solve this problem, Cisco now offers bundles of its UCS servers with its market-leading management software. It’s a Cisco hardware-software package that can be purchased from a single vendor, using a single SKU, with components that are guaranteed to work together.

Cisco Security Manager UCS Server bundles are designed as pre-packaged solutions for mid-size and large enterprise security networks. They deliver an integrated security management solution for Cisco ASA, Cisco IPS, and Cisco AnyConnect VPN devices. No more having to go to multiple vendors to build a single solution; no more betting against the odds that everything will work together; no more waiting for weeks because one of the vendors has a critical component on back order; no more vendor finger-pointing when the solution you’ve cobbled together doesn’t work beyond your wildest hopes and dreams. Instead, you simply order one SKU from Cisco, and the management software and UCS server – complete with operating system – quickly arrive at your doorstep. It’s all been pre-tested, so you can be sure it will work the way you’d expect.

Here’s what you get:

The bundles contain everything needed for a typical security management solution, and have been tested to ensure the components work together. A single SKU gets you everything, which can cut ordering and deployment time from weeks to days. That way, you can be protecting your network right away, rather than fitting pieces together two weeks from now.

For more information on Cisco Security Manager UCS Server bundles, please see the product bulletin, or visit

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  1. Wow this Cisco SKU looks a great solution. I agree there are increasing number of threats to which IT managers have to combat on a daily basis

  2. Please, show us, don’t tell us. How about having a simple video demo easily available? my 2 cents.