Perhaps more than ever, cyber security is about cooperation. To defend alone is to fail. To have knowledge alone is to fail your peers. Today NATO and Cisco, two long-time cyber defense partners, are formalizing a key piece of our cooperation – information sharing.

NATO’s Communications and Information Agency provides secure systems to support NATO’s mission. Cisco’s products, services, and analytics make us a global security leader. Together we can better deliver on our missions – protecting the 28 NATO member nations and Cisco’s customers.

Cisco sees trends, like those in our Annual Security Report, develop because of our global footprint. We know that modern attacks are the same for private and public organizations. Meeting them head-on requires teamwork across the research community, companies, and governments. By exchanging threat data and defense methods quickly, all can benefit. All but the attackers, that is.

At Cisco, security isn’t just a product. At NATO, security isn’t just a product. We both believe that security results from design, effectiveness, and trust. Our shared trust enables the rapid exchange of threat information. Together we will protect NATO’s networks, Cisco’s global customers, and future innovation.