Cisco 4Q11 Global Threat Report

January 23, 2012 - 0 Comments

The Cisco 4Q11 Global Threat Report has been released. The report covers the period from 1 October 2011 through 31 December 2011 and features data from across Cisco Security Intelligence Operations. This quarter’s contributors were Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Cisco IronPort, Cisco Security Research and Operations (SR&O), and Cisco ScanSafe.

Key highlights from the Cisco 4Q11 Global Threat Report include:

  • Enterprise users experienced an average of 339 Web malware encounters per month in 4Q11
  • An overall average of 362 Web malware encounters per month occurred throughout 2011
  • The highest rate of encounters occurred during September and October 2011 at 698 and 697 on average per enterprise, respectively
  • An average of 20,141 unique Web malware hosts were encountered per month in 2011, compared to a monthly average of 14,217 in 2010
  • During 4Q11, 33 percent of Web malware encountered was zero-day malware not detectable by traditional signature-based methodologies at the time of encounter
  • The rate of SQL injection signature events remained fairly steady throughout 4Q11, with a slight decrease observed as the quarter progressed
  • Denial-of-service events increased slightly over the course of 4Q11
  • Global spam volumes continued to decline throughout 2011

New this quarter, the Cisco Global Threat Reports, as well as previous publications, including the Cisco Annual Security Reports, are now located on the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) portal. The Cisco SIO portal provides early-warning intelligence, threat and vulnerability analysis, and proven Cisco mitigation solutions to help protect your network.

Download a copy of the Cisco 4Q11 Global Threat Report.

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