Enterprises, governments, and organizations of all sizes are moving to the cloud in record numbers. The cloud can offer resiliency, but it also introduces new security challenges. Security needs to be baked in from the beginning, across the board.

Cisco has invested over $1 billion in people, infrastructure, equipment, and services to address the cloud market. Most recently, we launched the Cisco Intercloud, a network of clouds from multiple cloud service providers across the world designed to meet customers’ needs for a globally-distributed cloud platform that enables federated workloads that can be moved from one cloud to another.

Cisco Intercloud’s approach delivers flexibility, and challenges existing security models. We are no longer building, we are operating, federating, orchestrating, and instrumenting. Our goal is to have this new capability match or exceed controls built to date – transparently. We’re not there yet, as of this posting, and that’s okay – because getting the strategy right is the key to getting there.

Below is a short video I did on securing the Intercloud. Please join the conversation in the comments section.