We know that 75% isn’t good enough. Introducing Cisco Umbrella Roaming for Off-Network Protection.

It’s that time again—you need to buy a new car. You decide to head down to the used car shop to find the deal of the century. The sales guy proudly hands you the keys to a beautiful 1991 Porsche and says, “It starts 75% of the time.”

Would you buy that car?

Or let’s say you have an upcoming operation — would you trust a surgeon who completed 75% of medical school? What if he told you his instruments are 75% sterile and his surgical gloves cover 75% of his hands?

Of course you wouldn’t trust that surgeon! And you probably wouldn’t buy that car either. Because in those situations, 75% isn’t good enough. And you should hold your security to the same standard.

The way your employees work has changed — you’ve probably been watching the trends for awhile now. Employees are working from anywhere, accessing cloud apps to get work done, and using work computers for personal browsing at home. Gartner estimates that by 2018, 25% of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security. Which means your firewall will only be able to provide protection 75% of the time. Even a next-generation firewall (NGFW) cannot protect you against 100% of threats, but it should work 100% of the time.

So, how did Cisco solve this problem? We looked to the cloud!

Cisco has incorporated the cloud-delivered security service from OpenDNS into its NGFW offerings. Now with Cisco, you can easily protect your users whether they are on or off the VPN. The new service, Cisco Umbrella Roaming, is the simplest way to add off-network protection to your Cisco NGFW—without needing to deploy another agent or requiring always-on VPN.

You might be skeptical. How does this really work? — it seems too easy to be true.

Cisco Umbrella Roaming

Here are the benefits of adding Umbrella Roaming to your Cisco NGFW:

  • Protect users anywhere when the VPN is off: Umbrella Roaming turns on automatically when you turn off the AnyConnect VPN.
  • No additional agents to deploy: Simply upgrade your AnyConnect client to v4.3 MR1, and the Umbrella functionality can be added for seamless protection wherever your users go.
  • No user impact: there is no user action required to start getting protection and no performance sacrifice
  • First layer of defense on endpoints: Umbrella works at the DNS-layer, so it blocks requests to malicious domains and IPs before a connection is ever made.

Don’t settle for 75%. Check out this At-A-Glance for more detailed information, and see how easy it is to start protecting users anywhere, anytime — on and off network.