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Peter Grafton

Head of IT and Infrastructure

I started my career in the U.S. Air Force maintaining a small UNIX 9000 server and network. After coming off active duty, I landed at a small firm as the IT anything guy, and quickly moved to the GroupWise administrator. I moved to a different job at a large technical college in WI, back to the IT anything guy working the help desk and GroupWise servers. 

A 15 month tour to Kuwait in 2005, I came back and moved onto the network infrastructure team. I quickly learned my craft and was able to implement my project management skills as the project engineering lead for the installation and management of 14 Cisco TelePresence 3200, 500 series units. This was THE FIRST implementation and use of Cisco TelePresence used to teach classes. We were a full year ahead of Duke, but we aren’t Mr. Chambers alma mater. Over the next few years I was able to design and install 9200, 5200 and Tandberg C90 systems. I installed and managed TelePresence conductor, video servers, MSE and TelePresence Management Server. Design team engineer working with facilities, Cisco, and DiData installation team.

During my 15 years at the technical college, I also was the responsible engineer for Cisco wireless design/build/implementation at 14 campus locations, 639 CAPWAP nodes, four WiSM/ two 5508 controllers and wireless control server/Cisco Prime. The project leader for re-cabling project at 14 locations to support VoIP and high bandwidth requirements for TelePresence.

Network Engineer of successful design, purchase, and installation of $15 million Cisco infrastructure of VOIP, TelePresence, Wireless, and 25 Cisco Catalyst 6500 routers, Nexus 7010, 5000, 2232, 9372.

I finished with the college working a large infrastructure implementation of Cisco ACI datacenter core, 10G fiber optic deployment, virtual blade centers, and network design to create a highly redundant scalable network with five nine uptime. My time at the college was incredible and full of opportunities. I was able to design/implement/manage Cisco LAN/WAN infrastructure for 45,000+ users at 14 locations 

As of June 2016, I moved to Widen Enterprises, Inc., the leader in Digital Asset Management software worldwide. Here I am the head of IT and Infrastructure. The people who work at Widen are incredible! Uber talented and head spinning ideas. There are so many good things to do here.