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Jonathan Poe


For more than 25 years, Jonathan Poe has enabled executives to strengthen their businesses, systems and people via the prudent application of technology and planning. An expert in business-IT alignment, increasing returns on technology investment, IT value, green operations, mobility, asynchronous leadership and people development, he enjoys numerous executive and architecture engagements with technology providers, energy and utility firms world-wide.  Jonathan has published more than 200 white papers and is sought after by Fortune 500 executives for his insight and short-cuts for innovation and growth.  Jonathan comes to Cisco from leadership positions in General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Gartner.  Cited in Forbes, BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review and CIO Insight, he lectures at leading universities on speed, Network-as-a-Platform and the opportunities created via technology trends and Smart Grid.  A former CIO instructor at the Edison Electric Institute, he has both a Master's and Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and loves playing beach volleyball in his hometown of Honolulu.