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Alix Junior Balan

Technology Solutions Advisor

I believe that technology drives human progress - on a personal and global scale - opening new markets, reshaping industries, and improving lives.

I’ve been blessed to work for Fortune Global 500 companies. When I took the time to look at my career path, I’ve found that the combination of finance, technology and human touch is the ultimate service. After several years as an Account Manager for a Canadian Financial Institution and in the Public Sector, plus 3 years as a Corporate Sales & Marketing Recruiter, I feel fortunate to be on a professional journey that actually pays me to do what I love. This journey is probably best summarized by stating that I:

- surround myself with world class talent. I aspire to join them, work with them, encourage them, develop them, and invest in them
- keep myself in the center of the most positively disruptive technologies at any given time
- am energized by building great businesses and helping people improve their lives

My experience has taught me that technology has become the single largest disruptor and innovator in all businesses today. I’ve made it my professional focus to help customers take full advantage of these innovations. As a Technology Solutions Advisor & Strategic Partner, I build meaningful connections to help businesses and global organizations run smarter. 

Finance, Emerging Technologies, Cloud Computing, Hybrid IT, Big Data & Analytics, The Intelligent Edge & Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Marketing , New Business Development, Enterprise Solutions, Negotiations, Strategic Partnerships