Cisco Social Rewards

To Our Cisco Blogs Audience,

For the past three years, the Cisco Social Rewards program has served over 30,000 of our most active and passionate bloggers and readers, engaging them to earn badges and reputation points as they participate in conversations on the Cisco Blogs site.

After a thorough investigation into the usage, performance, and value perceived by the users and audience of our blogging platform, we've decided to discontinue the Social Rewards program as of August 2018.

We still value the engagement of our members. As we continue to make Cisco Blogs more engaging and interactive for everyone, we also seek to drive engagement for our entire Cisco community across all Cisco properties. As we move away from the current social rewards program, we want to hear your suggestions about how we here at Cisco can better engage you, our community.

If you have not done so already, we encourage you to Sign in or sign up for a Guest account on Cisco's registration and login system will extend across several Cisco offerings, ultimately enabling users to seamlessly access multiple Cisco services using a single profile.

For any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to