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Help Her Say “Yes” to the Dress

Ever had a customer who hesitates to buy a dress because she worries she’ll never find the right accessories to tie the look together? Or because she’s just not sure it’ll pass the boyfriend test?  Too often such customers leave empty-handed, promising to come back with the man and/or potential shoes and jewelry in tow so she can decide.

Sometimes she comes back. Usually she doesn’t.

That doesn’t have to happen anymore, and retailers have technology to thank for it.

Enter the Cisco Cius, a tablet form-factor mobile collaboration device built specifically for business. In the retail environment, the Cius can connect those jittery customers with the people who can help cement the decision right then and there. The boyfriend can cast his vote via social media or Email.  A designer a few floors away can offer accessory options–both ones she has already bought from the store and saved in her “profile” as well as ones that just hit the shelves today.

For the retailer, on-the-spot collaboration provides the opportunity to drive sales and gain valuable business intelligence. For the shopper, it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

The Cius fits right in to the retail experience of the future—it joins the ranks of touch screens, interactive displaysdigital signage, augmented reality, QR codes and RFID tags that offer shopping experiences that are more personalized, intimate and immediate.  As the consumers today are used to shopping anytime, anywhere attached to their personal technologies, expect to see increasing numbers of retailers leverage such technologies to reshape and improve the consumer shopping experience.

Don’t be left behind; help her say “yes” to the dress and say yes to increased profits at the same time. Check out this video to see how the Cius can provide real collaboration benefits when used as a business tool in the retail space.

For more information on the Cisco Cius, please visit Cisco Cius web page

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