Cisco StyleMe: Virtual Fashion Mirror Inspires Sales Across All Age Groups

January 16, 2012 - 2 Comments

One of the key questions I get from retailers is “How can I use technology to create experiences that inspire my customers to buy more, both in the store and online?” In the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group’s (IBSG) work with leading worldwide retailers, we uncovered what we believe is the answer—the “inspire” trigger. Specifically, inspire triggers are emotionally charged shopping experiences that make customers exclaim, “I never thought of that, let’s buy it,” or, “Wow, I want to by that now.”

From this work, Cisco IBSG developed Cisco StyleMeTM—a virtual fashion mirror that combines augmented reality with the latest mobile and networking technologies to create a fun, new, interactive way to try on clothing and accessories virtually. Cisco StyleMe lets customers visually browse a wide range of products; build outfits; receive expert recommendations; capture images of what they look like to share with friends and family; create a digital wardrobe of items in which they’re interested; and buy their selections in the store or online.

Customer testing shows that Cisco StyleMe is a hit with all types of consumers, but especially with a group that surprised us—shoppers over 50 years of age. The older generation clearly sees the benefits of easily trying on new outfits and getting expert advice, which far outweighs any apprehensions they might have about using the technology.

For retailers, Cisco StyleMe has the potential to 1) grow cross-channel sales by giving customers access to an extended range of inventory and enabling them to buy in-store and online; 2) strengthen customer loyalty by creating differentiated in-store experiences and enabling follow-up with customers after their store visit; and (3) increase conversion rates by allowing customers to receive relevant recommendations and interact with friends and family who influence their buying decisions.

Given the success of Cisco StyleMe, we believe creating rich, digital, cross-channel experiences in the store represents a powerful new way to inspire customers to buy. To get started, ensure your technology infrastructure is up to the task of supporting interactive rich-media experiences. By starting now to ensure your technology infrastructure is up to date, you’ll be in a strong position to capture more sales from customers both online and in your stores.


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  1. This is a great showcase of what is possible, but there’s no indication of whether the mirror is actually available or whether it is just a prototype that needs work to make it ‘retail friendly’. Also the link given in the video doesn’t actually go to the point on your site with more information about the product.
    Forgive me for being a little cynical, but I’m not confident this is a working technology that is able to be implemented as seen.

    • Thanks for the comment and note about the link. Here’s a more useful link…
      StyleMe is a proof on concept and was avaible as seen at the National Retail Federation Show NYC in January 2012. We let the general public use the mirror all day long during the show and they certainly enjoyed it and put it through its paces. StyleMe was the only concept like this at NRF that encourgaged the general public to use it.
      We are currently prepping to put this into a live store environment in the UK, so watch this space for that update.