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Appealing to the Omnichannel Generation – Catching mobile shoppers anytime, anywhere

September 21, 2012 - 1 Comment

Today’s consumers are technology enabled, capable of shopping any time, any location and geographically mobile.  Catching and keeping these shoppers are not easy tasks for brick and mortar or e-Commerce retailers today.

What are some innovative ways the retail industry is adjusting to the needs of shoppers today?

Online Commerce with Pop-Up Stores and Personalized Products


This was the scene in San Francisco this week where IndoChino, a menswear provider and tailor company, set up a one week temporary location on the busy Market Street.  Integrating made to measure tailoring, traveling locations and online storefront, this allows customers to get measured for custom suits on site and products delivered to home.

Future orders for personalized products can be placed online including shirts and accessories.  The result combines the scaling of mass production with personalized products, online customer service and only one on site visit in pop up store locations.

Retailing on Wheels – Going to where the shoppers are

I have written about what retailers can learn from food trucks.  The food truck phenomena has now expanded to include other types of retailing on trucks.

Here in San Francisco there is now the first fashion truck  Top Shelf Boutique  which stops at various high traffic locations and events offering clothing and accessories.  When I was in Washington DC earlier this year  I ran into the Joel Wolffer The StyleLiner which now travels between New York and Florida.  Bringing unique products to shoppers at their location of work and play creates a differentiated shopping experience fitting for the mobile, time crunched consumers.

Cashiers on sneakers – Mobile Checkout in stores

One of the things that are consistent across traditional store formats is the checkout lanes at the store.  Here, technologies such as Wi Fi and mobile computing are making inroads to drive innovations in customer service.









In the San Francisco bay area Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom stores, you can now check out your purchases with any store associates in the store equipped with mobile checkout.  When you are ready to check out, green uniformed Nordstrom associates equipped with Wi Fi enabled mobile checkout anywhere in the store can  scan your items, accept your credit card payment, offer an Email receipt and bag your purchase.   This speeds up the purchase experience and help shorten the traditional check out line (which is still available).  Since shoppers can be discouraged to shop when they see long checkout lines when they enter the store, and this helps make the store more appealing.

These are some of the innovations I have seen in retailing to diversify the shopping experience.

What do you think?  What have you seen in terms of retailing innovations in technology or delivery that excites you?  Please leave me a comment on this blog

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  1. …With the emerging technologies like “BYOD”, we can look for new possibilities, to integrate applications in those devices that “permits” the customer in a retail store to “scan” and “add” every item in his own device while shopping, and when already done, complete the payment on line (while connected to the retail store Network, with the customer’s store ID), have their electronic receipt, with a “bar code” or “QR” that can be verify the purchase when leaving the store with the required inspection of the items in the shopping car…There are a lot of new possibilities as new devices or applications come…