Experiences matter to our customers. Think back 20 years, when Blockbuster dominated the movie rental business. Netflix began renting DVDs via subscription and delivered them through the mail. Customers no longer had to travel to a retail store for their evening entertainment. Blockbuster went bankrupt because their experience couldn’t compete. That’s why we’ve created an Enterprise Agreement that dramatically improves the way customers purchase and consume Cisco software and services.

Cisco is launching its third-generation Enterprise Agreement, and there’s a lot to like about it. For the first time, our Enterprise Agreement will make Cisco’s full portfolio available within one experience and under one contract. The new agreement features standardized terms and conditions across the portfolio, with all our software and services available via one pricing platform.

The New Agreement in a Nutshell

Within the agreement, we bring together 5 portfolios—networking infrastructure, applications infrastructure, collaboration, security, and services. We have support embedded in each of the subscriptions. Customers will benefit from greater business agility, a premium experience, and unmatched value.

Businesses Are Becoming More Agile

Customers have been asking us for more business agility, and the new agreement delivers. Past versions of the agreement required an enterprise-wide commitment. The new agreement makes it easier for customers to expand into new products without making such a broad commitment. They can access licenses within the Enterprise Agreement Workspace, without going through lengthy procurement cycles. And our minimum $100K entry point now allows even more customers to capitalize on the Enterprise Agreement’s many benefits.

The Experience Is Better than Ever

The Enterprise Agreement delivers a premium experience that makes managing Cisco investments easier than ever before. We bring everything together —Webex, AppDynamics, Meraki, ThousandEyes, Solution Support, DNA, Cloud Networking, Intersight, Security, and so much more—into one convenient place. We offer predictable pricing through fixed net prices and discounts. Plus, we’re expanding our onboarding, lifecycle, and support services to make adoption, use, and problem resolution quick and easy. Finally, we’re allowing multiple partners within a single agreement, so customers can manage their software and services holistically, even if working with several partners.

Enjoy Unrivalled Value

The Enterprise Agreement also delivers more value than past agreements. You get preferred pricing and stackable incentives from purchasing multiple products. Unlike the True-Up approach used by many software vendors, Cisco’s True Forward gives customers more pricing predictability and eliminates surprise costs. Customers only pay going forward after consuming more licenses than they purchase. In addition, the new agreement allows customers to define their physical infrastructure deployment ramp schedule and then align their software subscription pricing to that ramp.

A Better Experience Is Only the Beginning

Our new agreement, and the experience it provides, is better in so many ways. One contract gives you access to our full enterprise portfolio. The terms and conditions are simpler. More customers can now access the agreement. And you can expand to additional products without an enterprise-wide commitment. All of which adds up to greater simplicity, exceptional flexibility, and superior business agility.

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Dan Lohmeyer

Vice President

Product Management