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Collaborating from the middle of nowhere, anywhere, any device

Imagine that you’re standing out in the middle of a desert. All you and your work team can see is endless sand. You know where you are only from the GPS coordinates – there are no roads, no cell towers, no infrastructure. Can you expect to be able to utilize radios, smart phones, tablets, and teleconferencing systems just as though you were back in your home office?Yes, you can! Today even the most remote teams can rely on real-time collaboration capabilities you need to get the job done. See how BP Iraq is utilizing Cisco networking in this Executive ViewPoints interview with CIO Semeen Akhter.

Today’s companies, government personnel, world health organizations, scientists, and others are increasingly penetrating into areas that traditionally have little to no network infrastructure. In third-world countries especially, these remote project teams still need to be able to collaborate in real time.

Just think of the possibilities….

  • Rapidly resolving operations problems in a production facility
  • Analyzing new findings on local conditions right from the field
  • Accessing fellow experts in real time to consult on health problems in a distant village
  • Collaborating with other teams, in other provinces, to coordinate new policies

The list goes on.

Collaboration anywhere, everywhere, on any device. It’s the future of networking.

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  1. Nowadays we really enjoy many benefits and conveniences from the networking technology. I hope that we can handle our works more conveniently and easily because of the networking technology in the future. The more better the technology, the more time we can save in our life.

  2. Technology can really make all things possible nowadays. It has made a lot of businesses progressive! This is good news!

  3. Exactly, Carrie. This type of connectivity is no longer a nice-to-have but an absolute necessity for projects of any kind in developing countries. Having worked with First Solar, for example, with their focus on emerging markets that desperately need affordable electricity, they are serving communities in many remote areas throughout India, Africa, and China where there is literally no grid, no real network already available. Without Cisco networking, I do not believe these projects would be viable. In a widening world, it’s good to be connected.

    • And so interesting that we expect it everywhere when there are so many who are disconnected. We have 5 devices connected in my home on a busy night in.

  4. Nice article, Carrie.
    Yes, we’ve all come to expect to be “connected, completely mobile” at all times, not just for work purposes but also to live, play, and learn. This is the way forward for individuals and organizations to be successful.

  5. I had the privilege to work with Cisco for some time…basically worked on the VOIP front… is just amazing !!!!

  6. It’s pretty remarkable that today we can connect from almost everywhere, to almsot anyoane. I trust this is an important assest both for companies, but especially for individuals.

    • I agree. We have come to expect that we can be completely mobile. Today our Chief Marketing officer told a story how she was completely unreachable on a train but Cisco Jabber allowed her to IM with everyone she needed to continue her work during that time.