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A telecommunications company and a University walk into a bar…..

July 23, 2012 - 3 Comments

What do a telecommunications company and a University have in common? Well, at first glance, not a heck of a lot — unless you consider their network requirements.   After talking to a telecommunications company and a University I found out they both wanted:

  • To know the exact status of all networking devices…within minutes.
  • A simplified service contract structure for said devices
  • To better predict, and budget for, support and upgrades of devices
  • Reduced network risk, simplified operations, and increased employee productivity.

Are these objectives your company is trying to achieve, too? Let’s explore how Alestra, a Mexican service provider, and  George Mason University, a U.S. institution of higher education,  have achieved these results, and more, with Cisco Smart Net Total Care.

Never heard of Cisco Smart Net Total Care? I included a brief description at the end of this blog.

Alestra has more time to focus on business not routine maintenance

Alestra’s focus on innovation has made it one of Mexico’s leading providers of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. The company manages 2 networks comprised of more than 3600 devices. A growing business focused on providing superior customer service, Alestra needed an accurate view of its network at all times.

 “Our services depend on having detailed knowledge of each system with its patching and coverage status in order to optimize network availability and performance,”  says Sergio Gonzalez, network operations manager for Alestra

 With Cisco Smart Net Total Care, Alestra was able to:

  • Increase security and help government and healthcare customers to meet stringent compliance requirements.
  • More accurately plan and budget for support and upgrades of devices. This is a direct result of being able to accurately link support contracts with specific devices.
  • Save 3-5 hours per  week in network management tasks alone.

 “Smart Net Total Care is enabling us to become more efficient,” says Gonzalez. “With so much detailed information at our fingertips, we can easily track inventory, support contracts, patching, alerts, and all of the other essential information that we need while freeing us to deliver more innovative services.”

Find out how the network maintenance and engineering teams at Alestra have benefited from Smart Net Total Care…as well as other results by reading the Alestra case study.

George Mason University simplifies management of IT operations

George Mason University prepares hard-working students for 21st century careers through excellent teaching combined with cutting-edge research.

 To support George Mason University’s education and research infrastructure, the GMU IT team have deployed a large-scale  student, wireless, academic, and management network.  Approximately 2400 devices span three campuses and numerous other remote locations.  As you can imagine, the network support organization has a lot of equipment to track and maintain.

The University is required by state mandates to conduct an annual equipment inventory.  This is a time consuming and daunting task for any IT team. Data gathering alone took 4 weeks and was difficult due to rogue equipment, service contract coverage (15 separate contracts to cover various classes of equipment), and software versions —  to name just a few challenges.

 “We needed a way to bring all of our network inventory data together to save time and improve operational efficiency,” says David Robertson, service delivery manager of network engineering for George Mason University.

 With the help of Cisco Smart Net Total Care, today George Mason University is: 

  • Accessing correct support contract information in seconds, as opposed to hours
  • Reducing the time needed to review device information and take action
  • Reducing mean time to problem resolution by 30%
  • Saving hours, even days of time in inventory reporting
  • Creating device maintenance lists in hours instead of weeks
  • Proactively scheduling replacement purchase and deployments, leading to better planning and easier budget forecasting

  “With the inventory management, reporting, and other functions available to us now, we have one place to go to see all of our equipment. We can simplify upgrades, avoid the risks associated with outdated code, monitor only the alerts that matter to us, and do it all in just minutes. What a difference,” says Roberston.

 This just skims the surface of what George Mason University has accomplished. Learn more – read the case study.

 Wow, great results! Tell me more about Cisco Smart Net Total Care.

Cisco Smart Net Total Care provides extensive inventory management and analysis, customized security alerts, proactive diagnostics, designated operations resources from Cisco, and optional service-level agreements and optimization services. This helps our customers  to reduce services management overhead, through consistent and coordinated delivery.

As you’ve seen from the Alestra and George Mason University examples, Smart Net Total Care aligns with your business and development initiatives, resulting in  increased operational efficiency and improved risk management.

Learn more by watching the Smart Net Total Care Overview

What benefits could you realize from Smart Services like Cisco Smart Net Total Care?

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  1. Its really a interesting article.I think telecommunications is a vital service from the smallest scale of a community to the largest, a nation’s economy as a whole. In addition to the traditional services of wired phone and cable TV, telecommunications companies provide services for cellular phones, satellite TV, and broadband and mobile Internet.I think the Alestra and George Mason University examples are increase this topic.

  2. Well I agree Cisco Smart Net Total care improves the operational efficiency and allows us to manage and mitigate risks more effectively. I would recommend Cisco Smart Net Total care to public sector organizations like educational institutres, medical centers where network downtime may result into both tangible and intangible losses. Thanks to engineers at Cisco for rolling out such innovative and useful product.