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July 30, 2009 - 0 Comments

Greetings and welcome to the MPI “Bcast” blog!My name is Jeff Squyres, I’ll be your host. I’m Cisco’s representative to the Message Passing Interface (MPI) Forum, and I’m one of the core developers of the open source Open MPI project — an implementation of that MPI standard. Essentially, my job at Cisco is to be “The MPI Guy” — I deal with all things MPI.This blog is targeting an audience of MPI and general High Performance Computing (HPC) users, developers, and researchers. Typical posts will revolve around MPI-ish topics, such as the following:

  1. “Interesting” news from the MPI Forum. The Forum is an open group, but it can be difficult for outsiders to follow everything that happens. I’ll try to cover the high points that MPI users and developers will care about.
  2. Notable development items from the Open MPI project and/or other MPI implementations. Similar to the Forum, the Open MPI project is open source and open information, but there’s a lot of it! I’ll try to provide news tidbits about fun and new stuff that we’re working that have impact to real users.
  3. Research and academic MPI news. One of the fantastic things about my job is that I get to interact with lots of really smart engineers and scientists, both inside Cisco and in many other organizations. There’s oodles of fun, interesting, and genuinely useful network and MPI-related research occurring out there; I’ll highlight some of what comes to my attention.
  4. General MPI topics. There’s always a gap between developers and users; what is obvious to the engineers who work on a project day in and day out is sometimes not at all obvious to the real-world users. In a prior life, I wrote an “MPI Mechanic” column series for ClusterWorld magazine that covered general MPI topics, obscure (but useful!) tidbits that users may not generally be aware of, common errors and problems with MPI, etc.
  5. Etc. Anything else that strikes my fancy and is (probably) at least marginally related to MPI. This is a blog, after all, and some freedom of expression is to be expected. 🙂

Feel free to ping me with comments, questions, and suggestions via the “Comments” link on any entry. You can also find me elsewhere on the net, such as on the Open MPI and MPI Forum mailing lists (Google for me; you’ll find me); feel free to email me directly.I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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