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December 8, 2009 - 0 Comments

Here’s some random quick notes:

  • Brock posted the MPI-3 podcast on yesterday.  Have a listen if you’d like to hear some of the new/upcoming efforts in MPI-3.
  • I saw a post on the MVAPICH list the other day that some random user picked up hwloc and submitted a patch to integrate it into MVAPICH.  Huzzah!
  • I hear quite a bit about MPI being run on the Intel prototype 40-core chip.  This is an interesting subject, but quite a bit remains to be seen about the programming models of BigCore chips.  The Intel press releases state that there is hardware support for message passing on the silicon, but what exactly does that mean?  Do we have direct access to that from user space?  …that and many other questions will be discussed over time.

Who’s going to SC10 in New Orleans next year?

I should note that the US holiday season is coming; it’s likely that I won’t be making too many blog entries in the latter half of December (try to conceal your disappointment!).  But never fear — I’ll be back in January 2010 with more fascinating / riveting / award-winning / world-peace-creating MPI-and-related news and insight!

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