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Open MPI v1.5 (and v1.4.3) released!

October 11, 2010 - 0 Comments

Open MPI logoRepresenting over a year of research, development, and testing, the Open MPI team is extremely pleased to release version v1.5.  Read the full announcement here.  Version 1.5 is chock full of new features and countless little enhancements.  We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Open MPI Version v1.4.3 was just released a few days ago, too.   It’s mainly a bug fix release that increases the stability of the time-tested v1.4 series.

Some of you may be wondering, “Why the heck would they put out a point release and then a major new revision within a few days of each other?”

How fortunate that you ask!  Let me explain…

Similar to other open source projects, we have adopted a two-release-series philosophy.  Specifically, x.odd version numbers indicate “feature” release series, where we add in new features, delete features that didn’t work out, etc.  These releases are well tested in our testing labs, but are not battle-worn over time by running on production clusters.

x.even version numbers indicate “super stable” release series.  This means that at some point in their past, they were “feature” release series, but then have been well loved (like a Velveteen Rabbit) in real-world environments such that they’re pretty stable and lots of little corner cases that we didn’t anticipate have been shaken out.  We recommend the “super stable” releases for production sites.

Here’s a link to an excerpt from our README file that explains out versioning scheme.

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