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MPI-3 User survey: thank you!

January 8, 2010 - 0 Comments

We had an astonishing 837 responses to the MPI User Survey.  Many thanks to all of you who filled out the survey!

The MPI Forum minions are busy analyzing the data — there’s a lot!  We’ll have more definitive results later, but for now, see below the jump for a few quickie facts from the results.

First, some boring stats:

  • 1,401 people started the survey; 838 people completed it (~60% completion rate)
  • 100 more people looked at the cover sheet of the survey and never went any further it (chickens!)
  • Average time to take the survey was 14 minutes.

Now, a few fun facts from the responses of the survey:

  • 56% of the respondents classified themselves as “MPI application developer” or “Academic educator researcher” — excellent, that is a great demographic for our respondents
  • On a scale of 1-5, 46% of the respondents rated their understanding of the MPI standard as a “3”, or “I have a good understanding of some parts of the MPI standard”
  • Only 17% of respondents indicated that they expected to be able to upgrade to an MPI-3 implementation and run their existing/legacy MPI applications without recompiling them.  That makes things quite a bit easier for us on the Forum!
  • On the other side, 74% of respondents expect to be able to upgrade to an MPI-3 implementation and only need to recompile legacy MPI applications with no source code changes.
  • An unsurprising 70% of respondents don’t use MPI-2 dynamic processes at all (MPI_COMM_SPAWN and friends).

What do all these percentages mean?

I don’t really know yet — but we’re working on much more detailed analysis.  More to come in this area!

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