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Hot Interconnects conference roundup

August 23, 2010 - 0 Comments

Hot Interconnects sign on a Google bikeAs I mentioned in a few prior posts, I attended the Hot Interconnects conference last week, which happened to be hosted at the Googleplex.

Beautiful weather, interesting talks, and lively discussion are three good phrases to describe the conference. 

It’s always good to run into the same people you tend to see at these conferences and catch up on their latest work.  But it’s equally fun to talk to new people whom you’ve never met before.  Get a new perspective, hear a different way of looking at something, or even just listen to the youthful exuberance of the next generation of network researchers.

It’s all good stuff!

As I mentioned, I was on the panel entitled “Stuck with Sockets: Why is the network programming interface still from the 1980s?” Patrick Geoffray from Myricom was the moderator, and he accused us of agreeing too much to be fun.

But I think we actually didn’t fully agree on everything (which makes for a good panel).  Someone came up to me afterwards and said, “You have such strong opinions!  But you have good reasons for all of them!”  I choose to take that as a compliment.  🙂

I did enjoy seeing presentations about other totally-not-commercial-off-the-shelf networking, and how they’re embedding specific functionality to enhance MPI on those networks. 

Thanks to all the organizers!

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