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February 16, 2015 - 1 Comment

For most users, the network is as mysterious as what’s under the hood of their car.  When the engine starts to sputter, the average driver has no idea of whether there’s a problem with the carburetor or injection system.  They just want their car to work.

It’s the same with networks for many organizations.  Users don’t want to get bogged down in the details of network performance and efficiency.  What they care about is reliability, performance, and responsiveness at the level they work at: the application level.

This trend is leading to changes in how service providers guarantee service.  Today, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) offer assurance of network availability and reliability.  As more organizations move to cloud, these SLAs will evolve towards application-level guarantees.  Uptime will be defined not just in terms of network access but also how consistently applications are delivered.

The beginning of this trend can be seen through cloud providers like Vodafone.  In “Optimizing Your Network and Applications” Vodafone describes how it is leading the industry by offering its Cisco Powered iWANaaS with integrated Application Visibility and Control (AVC) technology.

AVC is integrated into the core of the cloud service, as opposed to implemented through external monitoring tools.  This provides IT with visibility and control at the application level.  IT can accurately determine how much bandwidth each application requires, no matter where users are connected.  IT can also measure, not just router to router efficiency, but application responsiveness; that is, how long an application takes to respond to user input.   Finally, IT gains new tools to implement quality of service (QoS) to ensure mission-critical applications have priority to network resources.

The cloud is about providing access and service.  To offer their customers the highest levels of performance and reliability, cloud providers also need to consider the actual level of application service they can deliver.

Learn more about how Cisco Powered cloud and managed services can help you deliver exactly what users want.

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  1. What would you say the Cloud managed services offered by Cisco has as its USP ie the diferentiator that the ocmpetition does not have? PS I love the example of the motor car engine and a network -:) Very apt similie!