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What Does The Internet Of Everything Really Mean For Cisco Partners?

- May 2, 2013 - 0 Comments

One way to look at the Internet of Everything (IoE) is that it’s about opportunity — and that the scope of that opportunity is astounding.

Cisco’s analysis holds that there’s about $14.4 trillion of economic value at stake as we unlock the potential of smart network connections to create new capabilities, provide richer experiences and spur unprecedented productivity for businesses, people and countries throughout the world. But we’re only beginning to explore how IoE is going to shape the business discussions, customer purchasing decisions and solution provider conversations of tomorrow.

One question that’s coming up more often from partners is this one: “What does the Internet of Everything really mean to me?” And most of the time, that’s not only a conceptual question, but also a practical one: “Hey, Cisco. This IoE ‘thing’ you’re talking about…say that it does come to pass. Well, what will my business and priorities look like as a result?”

It’s a topic we’ll be returning to constantly. And it’s also a question I asked of one of Cisco’s best-known brand ambassadors, Carlos Dominguez, who as senior vice president, office of the Chairman and CEO, is a highly in-demand public speaker and technology evangelist.

Carlos was a keynote speaker at our recent Marketing Velocity event in Cannes, and I collared him for a few minutes – as much as anyone can ever collar a guy like Carlos – to get his thoughts on how Cisco partners should be thinking about IoE. Check it out:

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