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Webcast Recap: Seven Myths of the “Good Enough” Network and Other Urban Legends

- April 28, 2011 - 0 Comments

We’ve all heard some pretty outrageous myths and urban legends. You know, your mom probably warned you that if you swallow chewing gum, it will remain undigested in your gut for seven years.

Or did you hear that penguins will fall on their backs trying to see airplanes flying overhead?

And, finally, you may have heard that a “good enough” network will work just fine for video, voice, and mission-critical applications.

The truth is, none of these myths is true.

And there was some major mythbusting going on yesterday during the “Debunking the Myth of the Good Enough Network” webcast.

Bob Cagnazzi, CEO of BlueWater Communications Group (Cisco Master Partner); Rob Lloyd, Cisco’s EVP of Worldwide Operations; and Mike Rau, Cisco’s VP and CTO of Borderless Networks helped to debunk the seven most misleading myths of the “good enough” network. They talked about the dreaded Single Purpose Myth, the horrific Security as a Bolt On Myth, and the scary Application and Endpoint Ignorant Myth, just to name a few.

After he debunked those myths, Mike then provided key questions for our partners to ask their customers to find out if their network is ready.

Ready for what?

Well, ready to become a next-generation network, not just a “good enough” network? A network with the ability to onboard large-scale deployments of video. One that can also protect the enterprise and keep it secure. A network that can deliver the same level of service to mobile users as the users who sit in a traditional corporate environment. One that drives for a significant return on investment by saving energy. And finally, a network that has business resiliency, one that doesn’t wipe out the initial capital investment savings of a “good enough” network during large periods of network downtime.

Bob then provided real-world customer examples of the network’s true value. When it comes to BlueWater’s financial services customers, network downtime could cost millions of dollars for them. And we can all rest easier knowing the police, fire, and other public sector services do not want a “good enough” network.

That’s just a taste of what was discussed during yesterday’s webcast. For those who missed it (or even those who didn’t miss it but want to watch it again), you can catch the webcast replay here.

Want more details about the Seven Myths of the “good enough” network? You can check out the full details on Mike’s blog.

What questions do you have about the next-generation network? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments after you watch the webcast.


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