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We Love Success Stories, So Do Your Customers

- August 12, 2009 - 1 Comment

Here at the Channels blog, we love success stories. And we’re betting your customers do, too. Sure, it’s helpful to know where improvements need to happen, but it’s also a great practice to highlight what’s working. A customer success story captured on video is a compelling way to increase sales and promote your brand. Videos like this one with Larry’s Foreign and Domestic Car Service highlight real-world examples of solutions and how they’re being used.

This, in turn, helps your customers better understand what’s in it for them and how they can benefit from your products and solutions. In the car repair shop’s case, integration of CRM and voice helped them provide better service for customers — and the video tells the compelling story.

While this video was produced by a production company, there is no reason why a minimally edited, simple customer testimonial wouldn’t do the trick. Thanks to inexpensive video cameras (like the Flip) and video-sharing sites (like You Tube*), you can easily shoot a video and post it within an afternoon.

In fact, most of the videos you see on this blog are recorded with a consumer-level video camera, have undergone minimal editing, and are posted on You Tube. We’d love to see your videos and hear about your success stories, so we invite you to post links and details in the comments.


*Correction to remove Vimeo as that site does not allow most commercial videos. (Guidelines here.) Thanks for letting us know.

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  1. I truly agree and also ZOOM International is jumping on the band wagon...One remark on your post... Vimeo can unfortunately not be used for Commercial videos. Their statement on the website: use onlyIf you need a site to power your business' videos, please try one of the many commercial video hosts out there. We remove commercial content that violates our Guidelines without warning.""We have decided to use YouTube for now and have created our channel there:"